Uplighting is one of the hottest trends when it comes to weddings and other special events.  Uplights are small lighting units that are placed on the floor around the perimeter of the a specific room.  The idea is to illuminate the walls from floor to ceiling with colored light.   Uplighting is not something that brides usually budget for, especially if you are a DIY Bride.   They are usually available from DJs and can cost anywhere from $500 up to upwards of $3000.

Uplighting, when done right can enhance any room by giving it depth and color.

Katie Whitcomb Photographers

Katie Whitcomb Photographers

800x800_1389764257092-wedding-mood-lightinThe Coordinated Bride UplightingDid you ever consider DIYing your uplighting for your reception or maybe even your engagement party of bridal shower? DIYUplighting.com has indoor, cool to the touch; uplighting available for $17 per light – you can save hundreds of dollars!

If going DIY think realistically if you or your friends setting them up have time to deal with wires or make them clean enough so it doesn’t look like a tangle of wires on the floor. Most venues give you 2 hours for setup, so little time with everything else!


1) Reserve your lighting.  Availability is limited!   You can reserve lights with only a $25 deposit. To submit your reservation, get started by checking availability and then complete the reservation agreement.  For best results, space each light approximately 6-12 feet away from each other. The closer you put them, the more of an even wash of color you will get. Some people rent just a few to highlight certain areas of a room. Other people want to light a whole room and will rent 20-30.   It all depends on the look you want to create.

2) DIY Uplighting will automatically schedule shipment of all the lights you reserved so they will arrive to you at least 2-3 days prior to your event. The remaining balance of your total will be charged when reservation is prepared for shipping (approximately 9-12 days before).  Note – DIY Uplighting only rents and ships within the continental United States of America.

3) Simply plug the lights in, select your color, and then enjoy your event!  Selecting the color of your choice is as easy as pushing a button!  Modern uplights use LED technology, which means they use very little energy. 75 uplights = 1 blow dryer!   Here is a video showing how easy it is to set the lights up:

4) at the end of your event, pack up the lights and all cables in the boxes they came in.

5) Ship them back on the Monday after your event. A convenient UPS pre-paid return shipping label is included. Be sure to ship them back on time, a $5 per day per light late fee is charged if they are not returned by the date due. That adds up quick, so make sure a reliable person will be available to drop the boxes off at UPS so you don’t get hit with unexpected late fees! If you use the pre-paid return label provided, you will get a notification when the lights get picked up by UPS so no need to worry about holidays and UPS delivery times. As long as they are in transit, you won’t be charged any late fees.

See what other brides are saying about their rental experience with DIY Uplighting!  Get started with your rental {Here}!!

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