gty_wedding_bands_stack_of_money_thg_130108_wmainDid you know that in 2015 the average cost of a wedding int he United States was $32,641 and the majority of couples spent between $19,182 and $31,97 – this of course varied by region and does not include the cost of the honeymoon or the engagement rings. Understanding average wedding costs can help you with your wedding budget.  Here are 5 simple ways to cut costs:

1. Avoid the peak wedding season

The wedding season typically begins in May and ends somewhere around Octoberish. If you should decide to book your wedding anytime between November and April – you will most likely save money on most of your wedding vendors.

2. Don’t get carried away with your guest list

Keep it limited to close relatives and friends. To avoid unexpected guests, be sure to make it clear on your invitation that seating is limited to names listed. If you want an adult only wedding, don’t feel apologetic for making that clear in your invitation either. Your true friends and caring family will make other arrangements for their children.

3. Cut the sweets

Instead of getting a three-tiered wedding cake how about using a faux bottom for the lowest tier (unless the head count deems it necessary). Think about it- after a long evening of eating, drinking and dancing, many guests will forego dessert altogether. If your head count does not permit a faux layer then get a smaller version of your cake in a sheet cake (same flavor). Once you cut your cake in from of your guest have the reception venue staff wheel it into the back. Then cut the sheet cake and serve it to your guests. They will never know the difference.

4.  Flowers

There is no need for you to fly in flowers from Holland.  How many people know which flowers are in season anyway?  Try to stay away from having your wedding around a flora-intensive holidays like Mother’s Day.  The high demand for flowers will definitely drive up the cost and therefore increase your budget.  Also – minimize the floral decorations in the ceremony venue and consider using some silk flowers or a mix of silk and real flowers.  Reuse!  Yes, the flowers that you use for your ceremony can be reused in your reception space.  Finally, instead of all high centerpieces, coordinate with both high and low arrangement.  It will bring depth and texture to your reception.

5.  A note about attire

Go shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses during prom season and after New Years.  There’s nothing written in stone that says you have to buy your bridesmaid dresses at a wedding shop; and generally your prices will be a bit cheaper elsewhere.  Shop for those pretty little wedding shoes in the summer, when white shoes are on the shelves of every shoe and department store, or you’ll have to buy them in a bridal shop and pay their prices.  Shop in the afternoon, your feet swell during the day and unfortunately they’ll also be swollen on your wedding day.

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Happy Planning Coordinated Brides!!