What happens when a professional makeup artist who loves fashion and fine arts requests a striking trash the dress session??

From the photographer:

I met this beautiful lady earlier this year through Charles Douglas, another fabulous makeup artist and a good friend of mine with whom I used to share the studio. I did a double boudoir session for her, including a very special book that was a gift for her then-fiancé.  Both were ecstatic enough to start dreaming about complimenting their wedding imagery with a dedicated “day after”, a.k.a. “trash the dress session”.

A “Trash the dress session” is just a term, it may lead to various degrees of damaging to the dress, from just a need for a quick cleanup to, yes, totaling it. We didn’t go that far but had no constraints in moving around and getting dirty. We chose a marvelous location in East Long Island, Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard, that not only offers a countryside feel of a vineyard, but also access to rescue horses which you can use after making a donation to the shelter.  I have worked with horses for both trash the dress and fine art sessions, and I have worked in vineyards for engagement sessions and even in Portugal for a wedding. This time, I combined both concepts into a fairytale story of love. Nevermind that it was mid-November and cold.  Our determination and thrust for beauty beat the cold!

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Vendor Acknowledgement

Photographer:  Zorz Studios // Dress Designer: Augusta Jones // Other Location: Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard // Veils and headpieces: Bridal Styles Boutique // Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Hugo Boss // Etsy Designer: Nevestica // Hair Stylist: Nubest Salon // Beauty: Nubest Salon // Apparel: Simonnot Godard // Tuxedo and Mens Attire:Tom Ford // Groomsman Attire:Tommy Hilfiger // Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent // Submitted via Two Bright Lights