Your guests are looking for their tables, but rather than the simple piece of paper with a number and name, people are coming up with creative ways to direct their guests to their seats. What was once a simple and mundane detail of your wedding has now become something personal and memorable within wedding trends! From mini bottles of champagne to edible items, the art of seating has gotten uniquer than ever. Check out our top ten escort card designs and consider it for your wedding or next special event!

1. Fill this glass with a little bit of bubbly and you have both a favor and an escort card! Use calligraphy to add a elegant touch to them.

Image via Max Photo NY

2. Feel like splurging a bit? Why not skip the glass of champagne entirely and hand out personal bottles to all of your guests?!

Image by Amy Anaiz featured on The Coordinated Bride

Image by Amy Anaiz featured on The Coordinated Bride

Image via Annamae Photo

3. Tequila anyone? Loving this very non-traditional escort card table! Laser-cut, lime shaped escort cards that fit on the edge of shot glasses! Your guests can take a shot of Tequila while they make their way to their seat.

Image Via @thedetaildepartment

4. Destination  weddings are all the rage, keep up with the theme of your event by swapping table numbers with destinations you and your spouse would like to travel to! This couple named each table a different destination!

Image via Melissa Mercado Photography Featured on The Coordinated Bride

This couple named the tables after Bob Marley song titles for their Jamaica destination wedding.

Image by Merrick Cousley Photography featured on The Coordinated Bride

Image by Merrick Cousley Photography featured on The Coordinated Bride

5.  Include hanging scrolls and a unique sign to set the mood for the fun to come! We are loving this escort sign saying “you can find your seats here but your place is on the dance floor!”

Image Via Wendy Hithe Photographer Featured on The Coordinated Bride

6. Give your guests something to nibble on while walking to their seats with mini boxes of chocolate !

Image Via Epic Imagery Featured on The Coordinated Bride

7.  If you’re a teacher or just love reading, these library styled escort cards are just for you. You can even be creative and include file tabs in A,B,C order too!

Image Via @designsinpaper

8. Disney fan? We are OBSESSED with this Snow White inspired escort card table where guests picked up a chocolate-caramel apples, dipped in edible glitter!!! The mirrored sign is a beautiful added detail.

Image Via @everafterevents

9. What better way to keep the theme going for your Autumn wedding than to do your escort cards on actual leaves? Hopefully your guests will be able to handle them with care and not lose their seat!

Image Via @bpinvites

10. Nautical themed weddings have been trending lately and what better way to keep up with a nautical wedding than to have a compass as your escort card? Loving this creative twist!

Image Via Olli Studio NYC

Brides, be sure to put down the paper and pen and try one of these awesome ideas for your next  event!  They will be sure to leave a lasting impression on all of your guests.