During the planning stages, it may feel like forever for your wedding day to get here.  However, once the day arrives, time will fly.  Having a photographer or friends documenting you getting ready for the day is definitely something we recommend.  We searched Instagram to find some great images of bridal parties getting ready for their big day.  Here are our faves!

The Bridesmaids’ First Look

After all the primping and prepping for the day, these bridesmaids are in awe of their beautiful bride.

The Power of Prayer

Such a powerful photograph of the men getting their mind, body, and souls prepared for the nuptials.

Dolls and Doughnuts

These dolls remind us of the importance of eating while getting ready for the day.

Be Famous

This bride and her hive are Instagram famous!  A power nap after all that preparation is key for a lively bride.  It took a special group of ladies to pull off this shot inspired by Vincent Desiderio’s painting popularized by Kanye West’s FAMOUS video.

"We made the ???? HIVE FAMOUS."?? . . It took a special group of ladies to pull off this shot inspired by Vincent Desiderio's painting popularized by Kanye West's FAMOUS video. . Be sure to check out what else the stylish bridesmaids of @BrideHive pull together when it comes to planning curated Bachelorette Party experiences. Special shout out to Randy for assisting in helping make this shot happen! . . . . . . . . #FAMOUS #BrideHive? #bridehive #vaingloriousbrides #bypetronella #petronellaphotography #bacheloretteparty #bridesmaids #kanyewest #kimkardashian #HireTheHive #vaingloriousbrides #VincentDesiderio #ShaqandDrewSayIdo

@BrideHive Image by @bypetronella

Four-Legged Family

This beautiful bride took the focus off of her and helped get her pup ready for the day.

Weddings are big deals. Everyone needs to look their best. Even the family pet. ?? #frenchbulldog #weddingdog #huffpostweddings @pureambiance

Image by @joshua_dwain

Candid Fun

These bridesmaid look like they’re ready…for some fun!

“What we love about photographing bridesmaids are the candid moments we capture before the actual “real” photographs. For any photographer that has heard me talk about style and context they’ll know why these matter more than the “real” images to us and the bride” – Joshua Dwain

Mom Knows  Best

The one person who wants to see you look perfect on your wedding day is your mother.  Mothers know best.

Last Minute Details

This shot of this gorgeous bride getting her last minute prep is beautiful!

Silent Reflection

The bride and her merry ladies take a moment of silent reflection.  And can we take a moment to appreciate all of these dresses and that veil?!!

Pop The Bubbly

Because you’re not really “getting ready” unless mimosas and balloons are involved!

In our search we came across a new trend..can you think of what it is?  Stay tuned because we’ll be sharing something new that you should do while getting ready for your wedding day!!