Catalogue of Certified Coordinated Collaborators

The Catalogue of Certified Coordinated Vendors is an invitation-only exclusive index of exceptional wedding professionals from around the globe.  Only high-performing wedding professionals are invited to be a catalogue member based on style, the body of work and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

As a member of the Catalogue of Certified Coordinated Vendors, you will receive an individual portfolio page with company bio, social media links, images and contact info.  Each catalogue member will also receive first consideration when we decide what to post on The Coordinated Bride social media accounts. Members are automatically qualified to become a regular contributor to The Coordinated Bride blog. One day, 1 every other month, each member will receive exclusive and unlimited posts on The Coordinated Bride blog and all of our social media pages. We are experts at choosing the right images and the right time to post for maximum exposure. Finally, each member also gets the opportunity to do 1 Instagram Take Over for 6-month memberships and 2 Instagram Take Overs for 12-month memberships. You choose the images that are posted after editorial review and approval.* All of these perks give you direct access to over 200,000 + brides-to-be!
*All opportunities are subject to an editorial review and approval. We retain full discretion in determining which content and services best fit with our Coordinated Brides.