My middle name is Gaysha. Gaysha (GE I SHA) means “art person” in Japanese.  I minored in Japanese language and culture in undergrad. “UBara” is an archaic Japanese word that translates to the noun ‘rose’.  ROSIE is my familial/close-friend nick-name. My grandmother, Hilda, nicknamed me “Rosie.”  Hilda was the most important/influential person in my life until her passing. It’s very common for a Jamaican-born girl like me to have a BIRTH name, Tiana, and also a family nickname, Rosie.   UBara Photography is a blend of all things I love: Nature, Weddings, and Japanese Culture; all balanced ‘in memoriam’ of my grandmother, Hilda Phillips.   So, when you’re thinking of or saying the word UBARA, you’re associating yourself with my identity, my heart, spirit, and my ambition. You’re actually connecting with me as a family member or close friend. You’re calling me “art person” – a woman in love with weddings, romance, human connection, nature, and most of all memories.   It’s also intentional that I build close and solid relationships with my couples/clients – most of them become friends throughout this wedding journey.   UBara is who I am and documenting your story is one of the acts of fostering human connection and living out divine purpose.