We celebrated the arrival of Spring 2016 this past Sunday and all of a sudden our focus has shifted to beach weather.  This beach and nautical inspired shoot coordinates fascinating colors like emeralds, tangerines, and purples that combine into a summer beach wedding that’s deceptively simple and still utterly glamorous.  Small touches of floral color work with the sun, sand, and sea to turn the shoreline into an exuberantly joyful wedding space.
All the Aspects of a Coordinated Beach Wedding from Tomayia Colvin Photography:
The center of attention is the lush floral décor—vibrant purple Lisianthus, burgundy Scabiosas, Pink Floyd Roses, and gorgeous green Dianthus—and spiked chargers from celebrity wedding planner Diann Valentine’s exclusive home line. The regal menu cards, with their spray of multicolored beach fern, catch the beauty of the white sand, and the blue sequined tablecloths, gold flatware, and gleaming candle holders reflect back the splendor of the Gulf of Mexico.
To top it off, the three-tiered wedding cake pairs smooth, melt-in-your-mouth white buttercream icing with clean gold chevron stripes.   Its clean, geometric lines and the bold tangerine tablecloth anchor the abundant flowers with their strong, simple look.
The bride’s two-piece ivory dress is comfortable enough for the beach, yet breathtakingly elegant, and her slightly offset crown of roses, Lisianthus, and Scabiosas brings a splash of spontaneous color to her simple seaside look.Both the bride and groom were an absolute joy to work with—and very close to their own special day!  They married two weeks later, on August 13, 2015, in a private ceremony surrounded by their family and friends.
The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206191337_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206190946_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206191346_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206191945_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206192194_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206192335_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206192712_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206193318_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206193527_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206193657_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206194511_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206194928_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206195016_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206195490_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206196248_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206196533_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206197627_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206197928_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206198018_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206199008_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206199504_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206199661_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206201079_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206201345_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206203311_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206202526_low The Coordinated Bride__Tomayia_Colvin_Photography_206203095_low

Vendor Collaboration

Photographer:  Tomayia Colvin Photography // Other Location: Galveston Island // Planning and Design by Babbe B Events
Submitted via Two Bright Lights