This story is an absolute must read and we specifically thank Michelle Davina Photography for sharing such a beautiful and inspirational story and shoot  with our readers.   She painted such a beautiful story to go along with the shoot.  Enjoy!

Inseparable is the story of best friends who decided to live a lifetime together. Ashley couldn’t remember a time when she hadn’t known Cameron. As a little girl, their families lived next door to each other. She vaguely remembers playing at the park with Cameron when they were only in pre-school. They attended the same grade school and although Cameron’s family moved a few neighborhoods away, they saw each other on regular basis at church events.   Initially, Cameron and Ashley weren’t an official couple in high school, but everyone who knew them, knew that they belonged together. They were always together, his friends were her friends and vice versa. During the early high school years, Ashley was Cameron’s “unofficial” date to all of the school activities.

Although they had lived parallel lives “together”, it wasn’t until they were approaching adulthood that they begin to notice the connection that everyone else had always seen. They began dating during their senior year of high school and they continued to share the “high points” that went along with being a high school senior.  Both of them had meticulously planned their futures, but somehow in all of the planning they had not factored in their relationship.   Ashley had been accepted into Emory University with plans of becoming a nurse and Cameron planned to attend UGA on a ROTC scholarship.   They knew that they loved each other, but the most important focus was on their individual careers. Throughout college they spent their free time with each other. This included long weekends and holidays, but sometimes that wouldn’t see each other for weeks. Being away from each other was difficult, but they had something special that seemed to transcended distance.

They would need this type of bond, because Cameron worked really hard to complete his degree in three and a half years and now it became time to fulfill his commitment to his country.  Right away Cameron was sent to Kuwait with the Air Force.  The next several years would be real test of the couple’s commitment. Ashley’s nursing program was challenging and Cameron was miles away, but during this time they grew individually and embraced their own unique experiences.

At some point, time seemed to speed up and Cameron was due to return in a few days. At least that’s what Ashley believed. Cameron had been back in the US for a week.  Ashley was coached into attending a friend’s party, but she had no idea that Cameron would be there to surprise her. Ashley’s heart skipped several beats when she saw Cameron. She had actually walked into her engagement party. Cameron told Ashley that he was grateful for all of the years that Ashley had been his best friend. He cherished the years that they loved each other from different parts of the world and he had matured and grown as a person, but he could never outgrow the love that he had for her. Cameron wanted to spend his entire life with Ashley.

Ashley and Cameron chose the purple, connected petal overlays to complement the platinum table linens and represent their lifelong connection and never-ending devotion to each other.

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO463_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO018_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO021_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO102_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO094_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO083_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO120_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO128_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO054_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO051_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO067_lowThe Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO165_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO155_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO213_lowThe Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO113_lowThe Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO134_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO142_lowThe Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO315_low The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO234_low _The Coordinated Bride_Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO269_low The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO335_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO294_low The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO326e_low The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO264_low The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO369_low The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO397_low The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO344_low The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO342_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO402_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO350_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO297_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO434_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO436_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO218_low

The Coordinated Bride__Michelle_Davina_Photography_PEKMO102_low

Vendor Collaboration

Photographer:  Michelle Davina Photography // Model: Brittany Lynn Roseboro // Model:Sirdarius Rashod // Dress Store: Buckhead Bridals by Guffey’s // Dress Store: CTO Bridals // Invitation Designer: DecoMarj // Cake Designer: For Goodness Cakes // Reception Venue: Mandarin Oriental Atlanta // Event Designer: PEK Events // Equipment Rentals: Sweet Seats //  Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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