There’s something about the peace and tranquility as the seasons change from fall to winter.  The colors of the trees coordinated with the slight and subtle whisper of the wind.  The creative team behind this styled shoot based the design around the  beauty and boldness of a black wedding dress and the array of colors that surround us as fall transitions into winter.
From photographer Samantha Clarke
“I imagined something elegant, yet simple and chic.  I loved the idea of a black gown because it’s quite bold and avant-garde. I mean how many brides would wear a colored gown – much less a black one? Well, it was something I was so excited to create. When I approached the amazing creatives that collaborated with me, they also felt the excitement around doing something extraordinary and different.  Plus their attention to detail made my heart so happy!
Bridal fashion can be quite repetitive to a certain degree and so I’m always inspired by the brides that step outside the box to try something based on personal or cultural preferences. It’s always great to insert your personality into your wedding and so I’m hoping that this black wedding dress inspiration can really get brides and grooms thinking about the way they want to portray ther special day. Every detail can be tailored and with a creative team as talented as this one, there’s no doubt that each and every bride will have their wedding dreams come true!”

The Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG2679_low The Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG2671_low The Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG2736_lowThe Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG2761_low The Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG2713_low The Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG2860_lowThe Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG2893_low The Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG2782_low The Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG2680_low The Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG2869_low The Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG2830_low The Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG2742_low The Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG2880_lowThe Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG2715_low The Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG2918_low The Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG2923_low The Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG2903_low The Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG2691_low The Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG3007_lowThe Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG2965_lowThe Coordinated Bride__Samantha_Clarke_Photography_IMG2935_low

Vendor Collaboration

Photographer:  Samantha Clarke Photography // Dress Designer: Allison Parris // Cake Designer: Fruitilicious Creations & Cakes // Hair Stylist: Loretta Thomas // Studio Venue: Misfit Studios // Model: Naa-Larley Karikari // Dress Designer: Narces // Event Designer: sheer elegance weddings & events designs // Makeup Artist: Sherlyn Torres // Calligrapher: The Lettering Studio //
Submitted via Two Bright Lights
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