Tel Aviv bridal  fashion house Zahavit Tshuba recently participated in a photo shoot that took place in the most romantic setup of Italian cities Verona, city of Romeo and Juliet.    The shoot was organized by My Italian Wedding Planner and captured by Annalisa Bombarda.   They used the vibe of eternal romance that exudes from Verona and played with the natural lights and shadows of the city to create a very intimate and timeless atmosphere of love and romance.

The shoot used two different looks.  One look coordinated the Ashley pleated bodysuit and Mona two-tone tulle skirt with lace detailing. The result was a very romantic and bohemian look.

The second look was a mix of the Zahavit Tshuba decorated Jessica corset from their Blush collection with the same Mona skirt, which was used with the first dress. The stylist added handmade sheer crystals and pearls cape on top of the corset and it gave a very rich and glamorous look to the wedding dress.

It was a gorgeous shoot in an equally gorgeous city.

the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-1 the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-05 the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-09 the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-06 the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-24the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-04 the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-03
the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-22 the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-21 the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-20 the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-19 the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-18 the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-17 the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-16 the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-15 the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-14 the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-13 the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-12 the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-11 the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-10 the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-08the-coordinated-bride-zahavit-tshuba-annalisa-bombarda-07

Vendor Collaboration

Design, styling, logistics & wedding planning: My Italian Wedding Planner || Photographers: Annalisa Bombarda || Wedding Venues: Corte Realdi || Make-up & hair stylist: Samantha Peluso || Decor and hire: Noeliya Bride’s || Bride’s Shoes: Mascia Mandolesi || Stationery and Invitations: Nora Letterpress
Flowers: My Italian Wedding Planner || Model: Anton Silvestri || Model: Valentina Gusella || Dress: Zahavit Tshuba