A beautiful wedding by the water in Brazil!  Priscilla and Richard live in Miami but held a destination wedding in Priscilla’s homestead, Brazil.  Her husband is from the US.  They had a bilingual wedding with a mix of American and Brazilian culture.

From the bride

It was a destination wedding and we made sure to make our guests feel welcome. We greeted everyone at the airport with welcoming messages and a bag of Brazilian goodies such as Brazilian famous rum Cachaça,typical candies,the famous “Corcovado” statue replica and Havaiana flip flops with a beautiful love message from us.

Most of our guests stayed for 5 days and we had the opportunity to plan tours in Rio de Janeiro and welcome everyone in our “Barbecue Rehearsal” Lunch 🙂 Yes!!! We were in Brazil and barbecues by the pool and music that’s how we celebrate most of our special occasions with our families.

On our special day I got ready with two of my sisters-in-law, five best friends ,my mom and mother in law. It was an extra special touch to get everyone together, which is never so easy these days w/ family, kids, work,and life!

It was a very emotional and magical moment and I hope you enjoy the pictures  as much as we did!

Dress: David Hasbani-Designer, Israel

“I was looking for a different and unique dress. I am a fashion designer, and this was my one of my biggest priorities . I visited some stores here in USA ,but found everything almost the same…no flavor.

After much research on blogs and editorials I actually found a sexy and classic dress at the same time, but they were on the other side of the world in Israel. What a bummer!! Israeli designers make unique dresses with gorgeous low back details, one of a kind.

On the second day we had to rush as it was Friday and the Jewish do not work after 2 pm Oooohhh !!! We woke up early and at 9 am and we were in our first appointment. We did not have much time and they asked us to wait, we decided to take a walk and see other dress . Oh, I forgot to tell you, Israel has a street called “Dezingoff St” which is an outdoor mall and PARADISE for brides!

In each corner there is a different designer making the dresses right there … !!! So … as we were window shopping, we crossed the street and BOOM! Found a super stylish dress, classic and sexy at the same time.  Only had a little problem, they only let you see by appointment 0_0 !!! A  s nothing would prevent our mission, we begged a little and they were nice enough to let us go in and try on the dress.

After the first tear, the decision was already made … This was IT! Just had a little problem, as the dresses were “couture” we would have to go back (ah ???) to pick up.  And I thought it was all ready to take with me … But okay, six months later I returned with my second Mother (my mother in law) and besides making the dress on my body (Literally !!!), we still had the opportunity to explore the holy city of Jerusalem.

That was quite an experience, I never ever ever ever imagined going to the other side of the world (literally) and find the dress of my dreams and still visit where Jesus was born. Forever in our hearts …It is a very special dress!

The wedding ceremony began with a violin quartet.

The wedding ended with a famous Brazilian Carnival band playing.with all of their guests on the dance floor.

We congratulate this beautiful couple and wish them all the best in the future! Check out a beautiful recap of Priscilla and Richard’s wedding by Antonia Bier!

Priscilla e Richard Highlights from Antonio Bier on Vimeo.

Vendor Collaboration

Makeup & Hair: Gabriela Figueira || Shoes: Christian Louboutin “Lady Peep- Swarovski crystals ” || Jewelry: Tolkowsky  || Bouquet: Swarovski Brooches (My design) and beautiful work of Camila Ferreira || Groom Apparel: Calvin Klein  || Ceremony Location: Fort Santa Cruz   || Celebrant: Priest Fernando A. Freire || Ceremonial: Alberia Amaral || Ceremony Music: Rachel Sodre Violin || Cake: Terezinha da Matta || DJ: Sanjines  || Sweets: Betinha || Souvenirs: Exclusive Weddings || Film: Antonio Bier || Photography: Sergio Ronaldo || Honeymoon : Fiji