Today we are excited to feature our first overseas wedding.  The nuptials of Emily Jane and Dino took place on September 19, 2013 in the United Kingdom.  It was interesting to see how weddings are done “over the pond”.  The difference is evident in the style and attire of the wedding party and even the wedding guest but then you can see the similarities in things like the father daughter dance and the wishing tree.
Needless to say that we believe this wedding was absolutely beautiful!  Congrats to Emily and Dino!
Special thanks for Christopher Martin for most of the images and also the bride for providing the unwatermarked images.
Now, lets see how they do weddings in the UK!!
Emily+Jane+Decor+102+CB Emily+Jane+Decor+100 Emily+and+Dino+3CB Emily+and+Dino+CB Emily+Jane+Profile22 Emily+Jane+Profile11 Emily+Jane+Decor+26 Emily+Jane+Profile13
Congrats again to the beautiful couple!!