Annie and Tosin got married on March 29, 2014 in Leicester, United Kingdom. We’ve followed Annie’s journey on Instagram and are very pleased to share her wedding pictures with you today!!  We loved her wedding dresses and especially loved that her makeup looks changed with the dresses.    They had a glamorous city wedding in tones of lilac, white, purple and silver.

Here is Annie and Tosin’s love story.

How We Met

Tosin would say I jumped into his car…haha…which is not entirely false. We met through a mutual friend.

It was after secondary school and a friend invited me for his house party as he was leaving for the UK to study. He came by my house briefly to tell me about it and that’s when Tosin saw me. Tosin was driving while my friend was sitting at the back. I thought Tosin was the driver so I hopped into the back, hugged my friend and chatted for a little while. This only took about 5 mins so I didn’t really take a good look at Tosin’s face.

We eventually met at my friend’s house party. I remember going into the kitchen to get a drink and he followed me. I turned back and saw this tall guy with a fro looking all fishy and dodgy…but cute. Our mutual friend introduced us and we had a really good chat. He didn’t ask me for my number or anything so when I left I thought that was it.

A couple of months after I moved to the UK and went to the Notting Hill carnival with my cousin. We were looking for some of my friends when I bumped into him. I knew he looked familiar but I couldn’t remember. He said he knew me and that we’ve met before and I was like “no we haven’t” – my auto response to lines like that. Lol Then he mentioned our mutual friend and the house party and it all came back. It was like déjà vu we just picked up from where we left off. Neither of us knew we were coming to the UK or to Notting Hill carnival so it was really random. He finally asked me for my number and I gave with pleasure of course. He called me twice every day for like a year before he asked me out after I told him to ask me out  It’s been 7 years since and I am really glad I told him to.

The Proposal

It happened on the 15th of December 2012.

Tosin said he wanted to treat me that weekend which he usually does so I didn’t really think anything of it. He is always taking me to new places and restaurants because he knows I like to eat, lol He booked the Four Seasons Hotel Canary Wharf London for the weekend and booked my spa treatments. When we arrived at the hotel I noticed everyone was super nice from dropping off my car to showing us our room – which was absolutely beautiful. He got one of the executive suites with a view of the River Thames and London skyline. When we got into the room there was a special note from the manager a bottle of champagne and strawberry in chocolate. Tosin told me he had made reservations at the Waldorf Hilton and I needed to get ready so I did.

Again when we got to the restaurant everyone was so nice. I remember the manager looking very pleased almost like he wanted to cry which was weird to me. We were escorted to our seats and ordered our food. Throughout our meal Tosin got up like 5 times. He kept on saying he was going to the men’s room and he looked so uncomfortable. I thought it was the food and told him to try my food instead but of course that didn’t help. It was finally time for dessert and I didn’t know what to order. So Tosin said “don’t worry I’ll order you something special”. He got up and went to the manager whispered something and then came back.

Next thing I saw the manager with this plate of dessert. Something was written on it, and there was a little box in the middle. The manager began to walk towards me. When he got close to our table, Tosin got up and knelt down beside me and that was it – I was seeing colours! I heard Tosin start to speak but the only things I heard was “I cannot imagine my life without you in it, would you be my wife” I replied “Yes of course”.

When we got back to hotel there were rose petals everywhere it was so romantic. He did well.

The Wedding Planning Journey

Joys – I absolutely enjoyed planning my wedding from making my invites, choosing my dress to cake tasting, food tasting. I decided to plan my wedding myself because I knew exactly what I wanted and I was in total control. It was so much fun going for consultations with my mum and sister. Most vendors have a list of people they work with so can make recommendations, which is always helpful.

Pitfall – I wanted my bridesmaid dresses custom made with different styles however that didn’t work out so had to buy them online last minute! (I say last minute because I started like 9 months before to design the dresses) and oh boy did I panic! They arrived 2 weeks before *sobs*

My DJ turned up late! But I had a live band as well so phew!

I also forgot to use our personalized monogram on our cake and our confetti… yeah that was money down the drain but to be honest I had so much fun I only realized the next day! Lol

All in all everything went as planned. It was all well organized and our guests had so much fun as we did. If you’re planning your wedding yourself it’s very important to remember you will NOT remember everything and things may not go as planned. Just be prepared to enjoy your day regardless of the outcome if you can’t handle that please get a good wedding planner!

Spiritual – Be very Prayerful. Planning a wedding is a beautiful process but can be very straining especially in your relationship. Just know you’re not in it alone and pray together always. It really helps.

Financial/Management Advice – It’s always a good idea to have a specific bank account where money gets paid in e.g. contribution from friends and family so you can manage your wedding payments etc easily.

You can use Excel documents or in my case the “bride & groom app” to budget and for countdowns. A handy note pad is always a good idea.

Also, start planning early.  Give yourself enough time especially with the things that matter to you the most. Whether it’s the hall or food etc. remember your vendors have other customers so book early.

Advice for Fellow Coordinated Brides

 Although there are thousands and one things to do. You need to relax! Yep! Get a spa treatment – if you don’t have the time or don’t want to spend much make a bubble bath at home get a bottle of wine or hot chocolate whatever you fancy and think about nothing….our bodies are not made of stone. Remember we are made to be pampered and polished plus you want to be looking your best for your big day.

Here are three images from their engagement shoot and the glam images from Annie and Tosin’s wedding!!



Photographer: Jeff Langthorne Photography

Dresses: Justin Alexander Signature & Jovani

Cake by Sharon Craft  |  Flowers by Flower Fusion  |  Food by Precious Catering   | Stage Decor by Moshag Stages

We wish Annie and Tosin all the best in their marriage!

Happy Planning Coordinated Brides!