Time surely flies when you’re in love.  We first introduced you to Nicole and  back in June of 2013 when we featured her engagement shoot and love story.  You can view the shoot {Here} and get up to speed with this amazing couple.

Fast forward to July 19, 2015 – that was yesterday.  Nicole and Marcus celebrated their two year wedding anniversary.  We thought that is was the right time to feature their wedding pictures.  Don’t you think so?!!  Nicole and Marcus were married on July 19, 2013 in California.  The theme behind their wedding?   Keys.  Here is an excerpt from the interview with then bride to be, Nicole, that we featured exactly one month before her wedding in 2013.

How We Met (Via Nicole)

Keys Keys Keys!! Who would have ever thought that a person who collected keys as a young child, would meet his future wife at a music venue called “The Key Club” in Hollywood, California whose logo is an antique key-hole. The interesting thing is that neither Marcus nor I had planned on actually attending the event, we both, unknowingly made a last minute decision to attend. It was that very last minute decision that brought us together, and 5 years later, has us getting married on July 19. Ever since that day, antique keys and key holes have played a huge role in our lives, whether we plan it or not, and will be incorporated into many facets of our wedding day!

As we wish Nicole and Marcus a very happy two year anniversary, we are very excited to feature their wedding photos.  Congrats Nicole and Marcus!!
nicole-WeddingNicoleMarcus071913125059 NicoleMarcus071913133239 NicoleMarcus071913142533NicoleMarcus071913141621 NicoleMarcus071913144353 NicoleMarcus071913144028 (1) NicoleMarcus071913143036NicoleMarcus071913135244 NicoleMarcus071913132025 NicoleMarcus071913140128NicoleMarcus071913151340 (1) NicoleMarcus071913151409 NicoleMarcus071913151449 NicoleMarcus071913151418 (1)NicoleMarcus071913152202 NicoleMarcus071913154005 NicoleMarcus071913161458NicoleMarcus1954505NicoleMarcus1944028ANicoleMarcus1954337 The Coordinated Bride Nicole 1NicoleMarcus1953758  NicoleMarcus1952943A NicoleMarcus1952252NicoleMarcus1955228A NicoleMarcus1954608   NicoleMarcus1954944The Coordinated Bride Nicole 2NicoleMarcus1952331NicoleMarcus1971654  The Coordinated Bride Nicole 3 NicoleMarcus1960023The Coordinated Bride Nicole 4NicoleMarcus1963332NicoleMarcus1960237AThe Coordinated Bride Nicole 5NicoleMarcus1963349NicoleMarcus1961205 NicoleMarcus1960947 NicoleMarcus1960510  NicoleMarcus1963216  NicoleMarcus1963454  NicoleMarcus1962746     The Coordinated Bride Nicole 6NicoleMarcus1965404NicoleMarcus1993944   NicoleMarcus1975552 NicoleMarcus1975408 NicoleMarcus1975347 NicoleMarcus1975212 NicoleMarcus1975152NicoleMarcus1975942NicoleMarcus19105230

Vendor Acknowledgement

Photographer: Bryan N. Miller Photography  //  Wedding Planner: Orange Blossom Special Events // Cakes: A Gift of Taste  // Hair & Make Up: Emily Dawn Artistry // Wedding Dress: Ysa Makino by Stephen Yearick