Lael Greer & Chase Harlin were married on June 28, 2014 in an intimate ceremony and reception that took place at the Hotel Park City in Utah.  The wedding was officiated by the bride’s father and captured by Logan Walker Photography.

From the Bride:

For Valentines Day Chase took me on a hot air balloon ride. I didn’t think anything of it because he is usually so romantic on holidays, but I could tell that he was really nervous. i remember thinking, “I can’t believe he is so afraid of heights!” But turns out that the ring was in his back pocket and he was nervous for the big moment. The best part is that our balloon pilot had the camera and took pictures of the whole thing. I still get butterflies when I see hot air balloons in the sky.

I originally wanted a completely non-traditional gown, but was convinced by my sweet and traditional mom to wear white. It is, after all, the only time you get to be a bride with a big white gown, being the center of attention. I tried on the gown begrudgingly as I didn’t want a mermaid style, but was immediately in love with it; I remember skipping through the store. It was a beautiful gown but was simply missing something. I asked if the designer would be able to dip the bottom blue, and after many drawings and re-designs, I ended up with my dream wedding gown. I wanted the gown to be the main event and didn’t want to over-power it with a belt or veil, so I wore simple vintage studs and a small flower crown that my florist crafted on the day-of.   It was a last minute decision but ended up being one of my favorite parts of the look.   I told the stylist I wanted big “Cosmopolitan cover” hair and a bombshell look, and she definitely delivered.  I felt so beautiful all day.

LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0139_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0171_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0151_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0194_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0246_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0231_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L1300_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography000094190001_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0288_low

Mountain settings are so naturally beautiful, the landscapes and backdrops end up being a part of your decor. But just because you’re in that setting doesn’t mean you have to conform to the natural color scheme around it. Be bold and choose contrasting details that stand out against the elements. It’s a juxtaposition of modern boldness against natural beauty and it works so well together.  Don’t be afraid to sparkle and have a black tie affair amongst the pines.

LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0316_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography000094210007_lowLaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0296_low

There were a few traditions that I felt strongly about, and walking down the aisle as my grandmother and mother did before me – seeing Chase’s face watch me walk down the aisle at the same time as all of our loved ones – was one of them. It was such a beautiful moment and I’m so happy we did it that way. You could feel the excitement and love as I walked toward him and I’m so glad I got to share that moment with everyone.

My dad walked me down the aisle, hugged my fiance, then walked up to the podium to start the ceremony. It was special.  I have always been close to my dad and I am still over-the-moon that I got to share my day with him in this personal capacity.


My handsome and talented father officiated our wedding. This is something I knew I wanted to do from day one. He refused to practice his hand-written ceremony with anyone, not even my brother – his right hand man – so everyone heard it for the first time that day, all together. It was an unbelievably moving and personal ceremony with childhood memories, anecdotes about guests which had everyone cracking up; and a reading by my godmother and father-in-law. I am and always have been so close to my dad – his only daughter – and it was my hands-down favorite detail of the day. He is such a talented speaker that he had guests trying to hire him for their weddings later that night.  I know it meant the world to him that we trusted him with the responsibility of officiating our big day.

LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0574_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0516_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0508_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0591_lowLaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0576_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0591_lowLaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0598_lowLaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0808_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0287_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0743_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0782_lowLaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0276_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography000094210012_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0687_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0380_lowLaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0292_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0330_lowLaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L1008_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0879_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography000094190005_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0375_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L0759_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L1281_low LaelGreer_ChaseHarlin_Logan_Walker_Photography_LaelGreerChaseHarlinLoganWalkerPhotography113L1030_low


My beautiful bridesmaid Heather just got married last fall and told me to just let it go. The day of, and even week before the wedding, there is not much you can do about the little things that will inevitably happen.  The so-called “disasters” usually make for a good story, and you only get one wedding – don’t waste it worrying about rain, stains and the wrong table cloths.

Vendor Acknowledgement

Photographer:  Logan Walker Photography // Event Planner: FUSE Weddings & Events // Equipment Rentals: All out tent and event rental // Dress Store: Alta MODA Bridal // DJ: Don woodbury Productions // Dress Designer: Modern Trousseau custom-made in the style of ‘Mika’// Musicians:Rosco String Quartet//Floral Designer: tinge // Floral Designer: Tinge Floral // Cake Designer: Tulie Bakery // Event Venue: Hotel Park City// Invitations: Chelsey Emery Letterpress // Makeup: Lizzie Skillings, Jennifer Stensrud and Daniel Hill  // Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Submitted via Two Bright Lights