Destination weddings offer you the opportunity to coordinate a wedding,  a honeymoon and a family reunion all in one. Andreea and Sylvester planned their dream destination wedding off the coast of the Dominican Republic. In terms of their wedding, they knew they wanted something different and memorable, and a destination wedding allowed them to spend a whole week in paradise with their loved ones!

They chose the gorgeous Jellyfish Restaurant in Punta Cana to give them a small intimate wedding with a romantic, vintage look. Andreea looked absolutely stunning in her Alvina Velenta strapless, mermaid silhouette wedding gown and beaded headpiece for her long brown locks.  Sylvester looked just as handsome in his light-grey, custom made suit by the Gentleman’s Cooperative, Magnanni shoes and Beaux Neckwear bowtie.

From Andreea:

Sylvester lived in Chicago; I lived in California. My father moved to Chicago when I started the 8th grade and I visited on vacations. Sylvester and I are both Romanian and we first met at the Romanian church in Chicago that our families went to. He laid eyes on me and fell in love. 😉 Also, our parents have all known each other before we were born when they all lived in Romania!

The Proposal

Ok, this requires a little background! Like I said, Sylvester had a huge crush on me ever since we met.   We stayed good friends until we officially started dating right around when we started college at the age of 18 in 2004. We dated for about two years and then ended up breaking up because long distance was too hard. We still remained good friends and even though we went our separate ways and had different relationships, deep down inside we always wondered about the possibility of getting back together in the future.   It was all about timing. There were times when we almost got back together, but timing was never right. After I got out of a pretty long relationship, Sylvester and I reconnected as he came to visit some friends in California in April 2014 and asked me to come meet up. He didn’t know that I was now single again at first, but after spending time together we both realized this could be our chance. Things moved quickly from there and we kind of skipped all the traditional steps in dating. By December we told our friends and family that we were going to get married and we chose a ring together! He planned to try and propose a couple of times but I hate surprises and kept catching him and ruining his plans. He planned to surprise me by bringing my ring to me in California in February when it was ready, but I figured that out too! We still kind of consider that his “proposal.”

Our Wedding

My vision was romantic with a vintage touch. My color scheme was ivory, blush, and gold.   Our headcount of 80 wedding guests was the perfect amount for our destination wedding.  For the actual wedding day, we wanted it to be as intimate and private as possible, so we started looking at places outside of the resort and ran across the Jellyfish. It was romantic with that perfect vintage look we were looking for and we knew it was our place!

A couple other highlights were my father’s song that he composed for us and our four siblings reciting the lyrics of “God Bless the Broken Road,” by Rascal Flatts, that I felt really described our history so perfectly. One of the things that took the longest to create was our slideshow. I wanted it to be perfect and wanted to also include every guest in there somehow because let’s be honest everyone loves seeing themselves! It was also neat because since our history is so long we had pictures together from 16 years ago! Oh, and I also started off the slideshow with a little theatrics. It started with me mouthing the words to “Dear Future Husband,” by Meghan Trainor, which was fun. 😉 Another highlight was our speeches. Our dads, my best friend, Sylv’s brother and one of his best friends really surprised us with some powerful stuff! Most importantly, in our families, dancing at weddings isn’t tradition. We did know we really wanted to have a first dance at least and we decided to do a waltz. I’m so glad we made that decision because it was such a beautiful moment and now memory. In the end most of our guests came out to the dance floor and we just had a blast. This was not planned, but was the BEST TWIST. 😉 The one thing that I absolutely loved about our wedding is that everyone knew each other by our wedding day since we had spent so much time together prior to this day. We had multiple events where we all gathered, so everyone felt comfortable and blended so well. This made it really easy for us to let loose and enjoy jumping up and down together.

My flowers ended up gorgeous! I wasn’t sure how they would end up because I didn’t necessarily have options of different bouquets, which was hard for me because when it comes to flowers I have no idea about what’s what. I just described what I wanted as best as I could and I think I described a million different things until I confused myself and had to just hope for the best! I knew I wanted a mixture of soft, fluffy flowers and that I wanted them to be ivory with a touch of blush. Some of the blush flowers ended up being a little darker pink than I wanted, but on my bouquet they were able to spray the pink ones a lighter blush and it ended up beautiful!

Guests left with flash tattoos! They were small and easy to transport and so much fun for a beach setting. We had a variety of designs and quotes, but to make it special we had some custom hearts made with A+S in the middle, which were awesome! – Andreea

Special thanks to Photographer, Asia Pimentel Photography for sharing this gorgeous wedding with our readers!

The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester4_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester2_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester5_low

The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester6_low

The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester9_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester11_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester13_low

The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester14_low

Their intimate ceremony was held beachside, surrounded by dreamy palms and stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. An ethereal white canopy and their 80 guests set the perfect stage for them to say, “I do!”    Following the ceremony, their guests were greeted at a beautiful vintage-inspired reception decorated with stringing lights, mini birdcages, wooden chairs, glass bottles and ivory and blush flowers. Their perfect day ended as the two lovebirds danced the night away with their family and friends.

From Andrea: To start our guests were all stunning!  I have to say our vows were the highlight of the ceremony. I swore I would never write my own vows as I have always been a nervous public speaker, but when I knew who I was marrying, the fear faded and I knew we had to write our own vows. It was the best decision we could have ever made.

The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester23_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester28_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester30_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester25_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester33_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester37_low

The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester39_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester40_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester43_low

The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester47_low

The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester46_low

The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester48_low

The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester49_low

The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester50_low

The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester51_low

The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester52_lowThe Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester54_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester56_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester60_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester63_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester64_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester67_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester69_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester72_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester73_low

The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester15_low

The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester16_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester17_low  The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester20_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester21_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester75_low

Their wedding cake was an absolutely beautiful masterpiece, with ivory and gold tiers, draping pearls and lace for that perfect romantic, vintage touch. From Andreea: “My cake was designed by Ana Bello Castillo. As I was looking through different pictures of cakes, I liked different parts of different cakes, but I didn’t see one specific cake that I wanted. So, I showed her some pictures and explained the rest as I pictured it in my mind and she guided me with her input and then ended up creating a masterpiece! It was better than I had imagined. Again, I wanted it to be a highlight of my theme. The ivory and gold tiers and the pearls draping gave it that romantic look and the lace on the bottom added that vintage touch. Just stunning!”

The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester76_low

Their “first dance” was a romantic Waltz that exploded into a mini-firework show.

The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester86_low

The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester87_low

The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester88_lowThe Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester91_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester97_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester100_low The Coordinated Bride Dumitrescu_Dumitrescu_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography_Andreea_Sylvester93_low

Vendor Collaboration

Photographer:  Asia Pimentel Photography // Shoes: Magnanni // Dress Designer: Alvina Valenta // Dress Designer: BHLDN // Jewelry: Bloomingdale’s Fine Jewelry // Groomsman Attire: Gentleman’s Cooperative // Restaurant: Jellyfish Restaurant // Shoes: Stewart Weitzman // Ring Designer: Zales // Fashion Designer: Zara // nSubmitted via Two Bright Lights