Emily and Leigh met in Seattle, where they both lived, in early August 2014 after they connected online through an online dating app. Emily had a photo on her profile in front of the Penny Lane street sign from a trip she had taken earlier in the year. Leigh sent her a message asking what she thought about his hometown – Liverpool, England. The conversation started from there and they agreed to meet for a drink a few days later. After a couple of dates, they knew it was meant to be! We were able to get the inside scoop from the couple about their courtship, engagement and wedding, check it all out below!

How Did You Know He Was The One?
Emily: ” we had so many things in common and loved all the same activities and had a great time laughing together. During this same time, my best friend was getting married and I was heading on a trip to Australia. Leigh proved he was up for the challenge after meeting all of my friends (and her 150 wedding guests) in one, by being my date to all the different wedding celebrations. A few days after the wedding, it came time for my trip to Australia. Our 4-week old relationship was up for a huge challenge – 5 weeks apart. Leigh was a great sport about it – he had a count down calendar going of when I would return and was anxiously awaiting my arrival at the airport when I did. I had never had a relationship that was so smooth and effortless – it was clear I had found my true love.”

How Did He Propose?
Emily:  “We had planned a trip to Belize in September of 2015 (our first international trip together). We had talked about getting married previously and I had given him some ring ideas of what I might like. Leigh proposed the night we arrived in Belize on the balcony of our hotel. It was hilarious because we had so many adventures planned that I thought he would pick one of those, but he was so excited to propose that he did it the minute we got to the hotel. It was probably his best chance at me not expecting it and I was definitely surprised!”

How Do You Envision Your Wedding?
Emily: “Because we both wanted to buy a house soon after our wedding, the most important thing for us to was to have a reasonably priced, amazing wedding. After looking at the cost of a larger wedding at home in Seattle vs. a smaller wedding abroad, we quickly figured out we could have a wedding and honeymoon abroad for the same cost of a one-day wedding in Seattle. All we needed to do was convince our family and friends to take a European vacation, that began or ended in Paris for our wedding weekend. We had 19 guests for the weekend it was perfect. We knew everyone wasn’t going to be able to make it to Europe so we also planned a less formal party for a month after we returned to Seattle. It was like the final step to the most amazing time of our lives, we got to share our wedding and honeymoon photos with all of our friends and family after we returned.”

What Was Your Style Vision?
Emily: “After we chose Paris and our theme “Love Adventures“, we decided to go with a vintage theme. I chose three colors- pink, mint and ivory to help guide our decisions otherwise you have too many choices for everything you try to plan. It all fell together and I was so happy with how it turned out.”

Describe Your Dress:
Emily: “I tried about 15 dresses and narrowed it down to something that I thought worked with my figure but also wouldn’t be too difficult to move around in. I was concerned about the weight of the dress and how hot I would get outside on a summer day. I ended up choosing a sweetheart top that was relatively lightweight and it was perfect! I loved the belt – every bride needs a little bling.”

What Was Your Favorite Moment?
Emily: “There were many great moments, if we had to pick one, it was probably Leigh’s vows. “Emily, I love that you make me laugh, you make me think, you make me happy and sometimes you make me dinner.” He made everyone laugh multiple times which also made for some great pictures.”

What’s Your Advice To Other Couples?
Emily: “The best advice we can give is to decide what you care about and try not to get stuck in all the small details you don’t really care about. All we wanted to have a low-stress day and great photos to remember it by. For us, we focused on finding a great photographer, clothes/hair/makeup, and a nice venue for dinner with our guests. We found  Paris Photographer Pierre in a thorough online search. His photos were amazing and his ratings were perfect. He agreed to break our photo session into two days. We originally made the decision to do this to avoid crowds as we wanted to go to different destinations around Paris and our ceremony was planned on a Saturday. The plan worked – there are no other people in any of our photos except a great one of nuns cross the street in front of us. It really took the pressure off to make sure we got “that perfect photo together” on our wedding day and we focused more on enjoying ourselves and the time with our guests.I wanted to make sure our guests understood how much we appreciated them making the journey for our special day, so I prepared small gift bags for each of the guests with a few things that I thought they would find useful like small snacks, a fan, some fun playing cards and a personalized letter expressing how much we love them and appreciate them. We also included some fun personalized sunglasses and wristbands that were really fun in the photos. There were so many lessons learned – we had a great photographer and officiant that truly pushed our wedding so far over our expectations.”

Check out the gorgeous images captured by  Paris Photographer Pierre below!

Vendor Collaboration
Photographer:  Paris Photographer Pierre
Floral Designer:ARTSIFYyourlife
Ring Designer:ShaneCo
Shoes: Tieks by Gavelli
Tuxedo and Mens Attire:Perry Ellis
Dress Designer:Maggie Sottero
Reception Venue: Westin Paris Vendome
Makeup Artist: Six Senses Paris Salon
Officiant: The Paris Officiant || Submitted via Two Bright Lights