Hello Loves!!  This week we have a two party to celebrate the love of New York couple Konstantina and Gianpiero. Today we are going to share their love story, engagement pictures and Konstantina’s bridal shower pictures.

We were absolutely floored when we received Konstantina’s submission because she epitomizes what a coordinated bride should be; COORDINATED with a touch of class and elegance. She is detail oriented and she does thing right.  As you will see from the images, 100% effort was put into every detail of her wedding plans.  No thought process was overlooked and every single aspect of the wedding had her personal touch.

We will include more wedding details tomorrow, for now here is some info about the beautiful couple, some egnagement and bridal shower images and their wedding planning journey.

Bride’s Name:  Konstantina   |    Groom’s Name: Gianpiero 

How We Met
We met when I was 19 and he was 18, I am 6 months older.  We were both freshmen in college.  I had been working at an internet cafe for a 2 years and my boss decided to sell it but told the new owner to keep me around because customers liked me.  The new owner turned out to be my husband’s neighbor.  He kept me on staff and also hired my husband.  We connected as soon as we met and started dating a few months later.

It was a beautiful day, April 26th, 2011 and he wanted to go for a walk in the park.  I didn’t feel like it though so we sat in the car right at the park.  At this point we had been together 6 years.  I was actually telling him how much I love him, how much he means to me and that I want us to be together.  I was tired of not seeing him as often as I wanted and not living with him… In the midst of all my emotions, he asked me so you love me?  I thought he basically wasn’t listening to ANYTHING I was saying!  I said yes I love you what have I been saying this whole time?!?!  He pulled out the ring and said, so marry me!  Of course I said yes!

We did 2.5 year engagement.  I wish we didn’t wait that long but we really needed to save.  I would have preferred a small wedding but I’m Greek and he’s Italian so that’s out of the question!

My bridal shower was given to me by my mother and mother-in-law.  We invited 140 women and had 95 attend in the end.  I didn’t want it to be a surprise; I actually wanted to plan it myself.  I put a lot of time, effort and love into it as I do with everything.

Engagement Shoot          Image Credits: Ricky Restiano Photography



Bridal Shower    Image Credits: Angela Bruno Photo


Konstantina you’ve provided us with so much wedding inspiration!  Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures tomorrow?

Happy Planning Coordinated Brides!