The love story of Deanna and Kelvin is a classic “boy meets girl” scenario.  Deanna was in a restaurant where Kelvin was completing an electrical job.  Deanna was focused on her meal and Kelvin was focused on Deanna.  When Kelvin saw that Deanna was about to leave the restaurant, he “accidentally” bumped into her chair and they started to converse.  They haven’t stopped speaking since that day.  Some call it fate.  These images sumbitted by AJ Shorter show the love that Deanna and Kelvin have for each other.

We congratulate the couple on their marriage and wish them years of continued happiness.

Wedding Venue: Sofitel, Miami, FL

Ceremony: Coral Gables Congregational Church

Makeup: K Pericles Beauty

Custom Wedding Gown: Lilly Dress Designs, Davie, FL

Thanks for sharing this beautiful wedding AJ!

Happy Planning Coordinated Brides!