When we read April & Donté’s love story the first thing that came to mind was ‘Modern Romance’. With social media being what it is nowadays, the possibilities are endless! And Donté definitely had his eyes set on April when he followed her on Twitter…twice lol. But little did April know, following him back would lead her right into the rest of her life; their lives.

From the love birds theme, to the team mascots, down to their matching custom Converse sneakers; their wedding truly celebrated them and the love they have for one another.

Here is April & Donté’s love story.

How We Met

We actually met because of Twitter. He followed me twice and unfollowed me because I hadn’t followed him back, but he never even spoke to me lol so I didn’t know he was following me. One day I saw his pic come across my timeline. I thought he was cute, so I followed him lol, and he followed back.

A couple weeks later he knew I was going to be at this social event, so he came. We knew all the same people but for some reason hadn’t met. I had a huge birthday party two months before but, it was just too many people and we didn’t even cross paths that night even though he was there. We waved earlier that night at the social event but that was it. While I was talking to our mutual friend he finally came over and spoke. We spent the whole night talking and drinking.

A couple days later he sent me a DM on Twitter saying he missed my face and could we do lunch that day. I responded back and said yes. Literally an hour later he was meeting me at my job. I said on Twitter a couple weeks before that I loved roses, but red roses were so cliche. He showed up to lunch with white and pink roses. I couldn’t even eat my lunch; which never happens. I never take doggy bags I always finish my food, and this was the first time in my life I’ve had butterflies like this. We literally were inseparable after that…

The Proposal

I always wanted to go to Cabo! We were originally going to go for my birthday but had to push it back a month. Although we both travel all the time, neither of us had ever been to Mexico. Once we got to Cabo, he told me he scheduled a photo shoot for us so that we would have pics from our vacation. We went down to the beach for our pics and had a ball. The photographer was telling us to jump, get in the water, all kinds of craziness; just having fun and acting like kids without any worries in the world. At the end, the photographer asked were there any other poses we wanted to do. I said no because he literally hit every mark. Well so I thought…

Donté said “Yeah. I have one.” He dropped to one knee on the beach and asked me to marry him.  All I kept saying was “Are you serious?!”. He had to ask me three times because I never said yes. I thought I did lol. There was a group of vacationers who cheered us on from their lounge chairs. It literally was perfection!!

The Wedding Planning Journey

I’m obsessed with the colors yellow and gray, so before even meeting him I knew my wedding colors. Our theme was lovebirds, which I thought was fitting since we met on Twitter. After I picked the theme, I realized two of our favorite sports teams have birds as their mascots. And sports had been an integral part of our relationship since the first day we met.  Most importantly I wanted our wedding to just be us and not what was “expected”. I literally thought about every detail to make sure it represented us; from the food selection, to the customized napkins and votives. I didn’t want a limo. I wanted a bus with my school’s mascot plastered on it. We had matching custom Converse sneakers; it was so us! Our bridal party even walked into the Baltimore Ravens chant song… Once again, it was just us lol.

A couple months before the wedding we bought a house (insane I know lol). So, we literally had two life changing events going on at once. On top of that, during the wedding process I broke my ankle and had to have surgery so I was off work for a while. I used a lot of that time to plan. We paid for the whole wedding ourselves, yet some people didn’t understand why we weren’t having a big wedding or why family members we hadn’t talked to for years weren’t invited. It’s like everyone had an opinion, but weren’t willing to help. You really get to see who has your best interest at heart when you are planning a wedding. So many people tried to make this about them; forgetting that the true meaning of the wedding was to celebrate our love and anything else was of zero importance. There were times I didn’t know how things were going to work out but they did. There are times I wanted to just go elope lol, but I knew that was just the stress talking. I literally wanted this wedding before I even knew what love was, and I was going to have it.

Advice for fellow Coordinated Brides

Be realistic. Pick two or three things that you refuse to compromise on, and don’t. But be creative and think outside the box. Do you really have to have 300 people? For some people the answer is yes and some is no. You’re literally on a high after you get engaged. You want to shout to the world how in love you are, invite everyone to your wedding and ask everyone to be in it. But in the end, make the best decision for you and your husband. No one else. I won a wedding package and got my venue for free and had my wedding on a Friday. Some places offer discounts if you have it on different days of the week. I would also say to choose your bridal party and the people who are involved with your wedding carefully. Sometimes the people you expect nothing from step up the most, and the ones you expect everything from do nothing. But it’s important in these times to remember what is being celebrated and nothing is wrong with reminding other people what it’s all about as well. I planned my wedding for 15 months so I encourage brides, especially those who are paying for their wedding, to save as early as possible. Even if it is just a little a month, in the end it all helps. Plus it’s great practice for the marriage! Lastly, go on a honeymoon!!! I can’t stress this enough. Even if you only go for 2-3 days, go somewhere. Anywhere!! You’ve spent all this time planning this wedding so you and your husband deserve it. And don’t be afraid to ask for an upgrade. Turns out a lot of people actually love newlyweds

Vendor Acknowledgement

April & Donté got married in College Park, Maryland on August 22, 2014 || Ceremony: Moxley Gardens at The University of Maryland ||Reception: Samuel Riggs Alumni Center at The University of Maryland ||Photography: Tosha Francis – The Captured Life || Wedding Coordinator: Sophie Barry – Events by Sophie || Invites, programs, escort cards, signage, and bouquets: The Sociables Design Co. || Videographer: Chris Landrum – The Noisy Tenants || Curated by Ms. Juanita Calloway for The Coordinated Bride