Terrece & Curtresha met as freshmen in high school at John Carroll in Homewood, AL.  Even though they had mutual friends they never really talked much until their sophomore year.  They exchanged numbers and started talking on the phone over the summer of 2006.  They would talk for hours about things such as “if either one was getting the latest pair of Jordan tennis shoes that were coming out.”

The two continued as friends and even went on many friendly outings before officially dating.   They officially started dating on Valentine’s Day 2007 when Terrece surprised Curtresha at school with a gift from Gap and a bouquet of flowers.  How adorable??!!  Curtresha knew at this point that Terrece was a keeper!   They dated for a few months and then made a mutual decision to part ways.  But as fate would have it they rekindled their relationship on November 26, 2007.  They both knew that this is what God had intended for them.  Terrece & Curtesha continued to date throughout high school.  Once they graduated they went to separate colleges about 2 hours away from each other, but still managed to maintain a loving relationship because of the strong foundation they established in high school.

On December 29, 2011 they were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Kaleah, and she made their relationship even stronger.   After a few more years of dating, Terrece came to the decision that he was ready to marry the love of his life.   On September 10, 2014, Terrece’s 24th birthday, Terrece would put his plan to work.  He told Curtresha to plan his birthday dinner and to invite his family as well as hers.  This was nothing out of the ordinary as the two families had many other outings together.   However, this wasn’t any ordinary day as Terrece had made a selfless decision to propose to Curtresha on his birthday!  Curtresha was totally shocked and of course said “YES” to marrying Terrece.   They decided to get married on May 16, 2015 after dating for 7 years.   For the couple, the 7 symbolizes the year of completion and they knew their life was complete at this point.

Special thanks to The Price Approach Photography for the submission.

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Captured by The Price Approach Photography

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