On New Years Eve of 2010, a mutual friend gave Krystin’s number  to Bob after he saw a picture of her. He later texted her and introduced himself. After some small talk, he asked  Krystin out on essentially a blind date. They ended up staying and talking at the restaurant for nearly 4 hours until they were the last ones there!

Krystin on How He Proposed: Bob’s parent’s host an annual Christmas Party, which has grown to be about 50 of their closest friends and family over the years. After we started dating, my family began attending the parties as well. During the party, Santa Claus usually arrives with presents for all of the children, they read stories, sing songs, and take family photos with everyone. In 2014, I was lucky enough to have my grandma in town, as well as my brother who is in the Air Force and can rarely make it home for holidays. So when it came time for family photos, I had my entire family present! We took a photo, then Santa said he had a gift for me. So as my whole family stood around Santa Claus, I unwrapped the gift. It was a large picture frame, I only noticed the words “Wanna Tie the Knot?” and started shaking! Bob was down on one knee with the ring. The picture was a self-portrait of Bob holding the sign with the words, and our two dogs tangled in rope sitting on each side of him, in front of our Christmas tree. I couldn’t have asked for a better moment, we live in Florida away from all of our family, and he made sure they’d all be there when we visited Pennsylvania for the party. No one knew it was going to happen, except his mom who had her camera ready and captured the moment!

Krystin On The Wedding Scheme: I stumbled across Jelly Fish Restaurant in Punta Cana on Pinterest after searching for destination weddings. It was love at first sight! As soon as I saw the venue I knew I had to get married there, it was the one! I always wanted to keep things simple and chic. The groomsmen wore dark blue, which fit really well with the blush bridesmaid’s dresses. We also incorporated the blue and blush into our reception, along with gold. The tables had greenery running down the center, some flowers and candles lit for a romantic feeling. The cake table really shined and was one of my favorite parts, we had a ‘naked’ cake for us, and mini-cakes covered in gold glitter for all of our guests.

The ceremony was very emotional and filled with love. We even had the officiant crying! We had some really heartfelt speeches during the dinner portion, and following my sisters maid-of-honor speech, she played a video message from my brother who is in the Air Force and was deployed at the time. Through the whole night everything went perfect! Following dinner everybody was on the dance floor having the best time, I feel like that’s rare that everyone attending is up and dancing, even when we had some rain showers the dancing didn’t stop!

Check out the amazing images captured by Asia Pimentel Photography below!




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Vendor Collaboration

Photographer:  Asia Pimentel Photography//Cinema and Video: Cores Films//Other: MC Jehison Cabrera//Floral Designer:AFloral//Hair Stylist: Ana Mia Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist//Bakery: Cake Studio Bavaro//DJ:DJ Ariel Perez//Officiant:Fairy Tale Endings//Restaurant: Jelly Fish Restaurant //Shoes:Jessica Simpson//Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero//  Submitted via Two Bright Lights