Toray proposed to Amanda on January 16, 2016 and ironically set their wedding date for November 6, 2016!

The lovebirds admit Instagram is what brought them together. Toray was friends with Amanda’s cousin and spotted her picture on her Instagram page, he then immediately began inquiring about her. After two months of persuading, Amanda finally reached out to him. On November 17, 2013 Amanda sent Toray a message and from that day forward they never went a day without speaking!

Fast forward a few years later, Amanda and Toray were on a trip to Spain. He took her to a mountain range called Montserrat, after hiking through various monuments and monasteries, they reached the peak of the mountain where he placed a GoPro on the ledge for what she thought was a photo-op. Instead, he turned around and said “just as we traveled these rocky roads and hills and valleys today, I want to know if you will travel this path called life with me”. Without hesitation, Amanda said yes!

Amanda and Toray immediately knew they wanted their wedding to be in Jamaica, so they flew there the month after their engagement to begin venue shopping and to take their engagement pictures.

On November 6th, 2016 Amanda and Toray said their “I Do’s” in front of friends and family from all over the world! They had guests from England, Canada, the Bahamas, and 12 US States! Toray’s 94 year old grandma even made the event all the way from Manchester, England!

For the destination wedding theme Amanda and Toray included passport invitations, luggage tag place cards and named each table after one of their favorite destinations with a photo of them there! They also had a steel band incorporated into the ceremony as a nod to their Jamaican heritage. The steel band entertained guests as they waited for the ceremony to begin and during the cocktail hour. They also went with a traditional Jamaican menu for the reception!

Check out the lovely photos from the wedding captured by Byrnz Imagery below!

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Vendor Collaboration

Photography: Byrnz Imagery

Videography: Digital Video Concept

Wedding Gown: Eve of Milady

Wedding Gown Salon: Bridal Chateau 

Bridesmaid Dress: Alfred Angelo

Hair: Lisa Koya of Studio ATL

Makeup: Chasity Airbrush Makeup Artistry

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Ceremony Location / Reception: Witch Golf Club

Wedding Planner: Keisha Whittingham

Event Designer / Florist: White Light Events

DJ/ Dancefloor / Lighting: Electro Tech Productions

Entertainment: Silver Birds Steel Band

Catering: Montego Bay Yacht Club

Cake: Cakes by Noida

Stationary: Wedding Paper Divas