LaKeisha and Arthur had a royal affair on November 5, 2016 when they tied the knot in front of their family and friends in Florida. Their first dance was to “You” by Raheem  Davaughn.  The love between the couple is evident not only through these amazing images by AVD (ARTISTIC VISION & DESIGN) but through the unspoken words and sentiments of love that exude from the images.

How their history began:

LaKeisha and Arthur’s love story didn’t begin until 4 years after their initial meeting.  In 2007 the couple met through a mutual friend at a night club. They had such a great time that night that they decided to exchange numbers. The following day Duke called LaKeisha and the two, well three because she had her sister with her, met up for lunch.   For the next few months, they hung out from time to time; it was during these occurrences that Duke told LaKeisha, “you’re going to be my wife.”   She laughed it off and said, “Please, you just met me!”   For years the two would cross paths, however, timing always seemed to be an issue. When Facebook gained further popularity in 2010, LaKeisha sent Duke an inbox message. The two reconnected and the rest is history.  After years of dating and traveling the globe, On September 5, 2015, Duke finally made good on his promise and asked LaKeisha to be his wife.

LaKeisha  wore a sweetheart neckline ball gown which she chose to accentuate her décolletage.  As a little girl LaKeisha always imagined herself in a ball gown on her wedding day to complete her fairy-tale.

Her advice to fellow Coordinated Brides is to simple “Do what YOU want to do!”

The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0155_low

The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0173_low

The Coordinated Bride_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0006_low

The Coordinated Bride_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0004_low The Coordinated Bride_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0007_low    The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0030_low

The Coordinated Bride__Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0044_low

The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0046_lowThe Coordinated Bride_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0047_low The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0050_low

The Coordinated Bride__Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0052_low

The Coordinated Bride_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0058_low

The Coordinated Bride_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0056_low

The Coordinated Bride_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0059_low

The Coordinated Bride_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0068_low

The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0078_low

The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0092_low

The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0087_low The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0081_lowThe Coordinated Bride__Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0124_low

The Coordinated Bride_The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0130_low The Coordinated Bride__Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0107_low The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0129_low

The Coordinated Bride__Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0122_low

The Coordinated Bride__Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0117_low

The Coordinated Bride__Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0118_low

The Coordinated Bride__Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0109_lowThe Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0140_lowThe Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0102_low

The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0105_low

The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0097_low The Coordinated Bride__Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0098_low The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0089_low The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0053_low The Coordinated Bride__Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0090_low

The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0095_low

The Coordinated Bride__Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0096_low

The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0127_low

The Coordinated Bride__Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0114_low

The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0161_low The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0125_low The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0154_low

The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0153_low

The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0176_low

The Coordinated Bride_Sorey_AVDARTISTICVISIONampDESIGN_Image0177_low

Vendor Collaboration

Photographer:  AVD (ARTISTIC VISION & DESIGN) // Reception Venue: Eden Regal Ballroom & Catering // Amazing Events // Imperial Party Rentals // Ana Paz (Cake) // Event Planner: Xtraordinary Events @extraordinaryevents
Submitted via Two Bright Lights