Iceland is a magical and natural wonder that is out of this world.  The first day of the shoot met the couple, Maka and Patrick, and their photographer, M&J Studios with brisk and fierce winds.

One of the key locations of the shoot was a beach covered in black sand and the iceberg fields of the “Ice Lagoon”.   Raw, clean, pure – just looking at the images you feel small in a magical place that engulfs you.

From the couple:

“We fell in love with Iceland for its romantic melancholy scenery – and its neutrality: with our families being spread all over the world (in China, Germany and the UK) it was impossible to include everybody, so a private wedding followed by receptions seemed the fairest way. Plus, this way we got to follow the wedding with the honeymoon right away! Iceland turned out to be the perfect destination – so much more breathtaking in person, every turn of the road brought us to new, spectacular views. In fact we were so enamored we drove 800km over the two wedding days ever in search of new vistas (which Mait so beautifully captured!) and we already can’t wait to go back.”

About the Details:

The designer of my dress is Rami Kadi.  We did have a lovely florist, who was recommended to us by our lovely AirBnb host – she was so friendly and enthusiastic.  I e-mailed her a photo of the dress and she made the bouquet to match, and made a hair clip and boutonniere as a gift.  My shoes (both the heels and the booties) were Vivienne Westwood x Melissa. The vintage coat was from my mother in law. Patrick’s whole outfit (not that anyone ever cares about the poor groom haha) was Hugo Boss with shoes from Ted Baker.  And we chose Iceland because we just loved the unearthly, dramatic landscapes, and because being multi-racial, our families are spread all over the globe… and we decided to have the wedding private, with local receptions to follow as a way to not exclude anyone.

Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos35_lowMaja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos13_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos05_low   Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos12_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos16_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos22_lowMaja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos11_lowMaja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos08_lowMaja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos09_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos10_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos14_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos18_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos19_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos20_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos21_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos23_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos24_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos25_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos26_lowMaja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos27_lowMaja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos32_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos33_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos34_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos38_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos39_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos40_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos41_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos42_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos43_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos44_low Maja_Patrick_MampJ_Studios_majapatrickMaitJuriadophotos45_low

All stunning and unbelievably beautiful images by M & J Studios