The love story of Meagan and Jeffrey is your classic new american Boy Meets Girl….in the mall!!  We fell in love with their love story and their wedding because they kept the focus on family, friends and fun.  Enjoy the images from their wedding and Coordinated Brides, pay special attention to Meagan’s advice for you!

How We Met

Jeffrey and I met through a mutual friend at my second home, the mall! We were teenagers and it was “young love” at its finest. Our friend groups bumped into each other for a brief conversation in passing.  Jeffrey stared intently at me for what seemed like an eternity, but didn’t utter a single word. I could literally feel him studying me but it was welcomed.  I assumed Jeff was awestruck since he was basically mute the entire duration of our run-in. After discovering I was single and willing to exchange numbers our love story began.

The Proposal 

From that day at the mall we had been dating for five years before he decided to pop the question.  Jeffrey proposed on Friday, December 7, 2012 at my job with our son by his side.

He arrived with Ledos’s pizza (my favorite pizza restaurant) and it truly caught me off guard since he was SUPPOSED to be at the mall preparing for our family Christmas portraits. He came in and jolted upstairs to talk to my boss. Jeffrey has always been spontaneous but it didn’t occur to me that he was about to pop the question! I received a page from my boss asking me to bring a camera upstairs.  As I handed her the camera and prepared to go back downstairs she says, “ I’m not done. Come back.” I walked back over to her and Jeffrey comes from around the corner with a little black box in his hand and drops down on one knee. With a smile on his face he asks,  “Will you marry me?”  I burst into tears and of course I said yes. Everyone in the salon cheered and congratulated us!

Wedding Planning Journey

From the moment Jeff popped the question in December right down to the final hours before the wedding, we were planning.  My joy in planning was seeing all of my hard work come together, I spent so much time planning to make sure that our day was as flawless. Jeff and I have different tastes so we wanted everything to be a true representation of both our styles. I like lots of sparkle and pizzazz and Jeffrey is a modern-day Renaissance man with a classic but timeless style.

We got married at The Bolger Center in Potomac, Maryland. It’s a beautiful resort-style venue that’s sure to wow your guests. There’s lodging, restaurants, a chapel, and private meeting spaces.  I held weekly check in meetings with my coordinator and this really assisted in keeping me on track with the progress of the wedding. My coordinator often said, “Prior planning prevents poor performance.” and boy was she right. Completing tasks a little bit at a time really helps and the more notice you give people is better. We turned things like dress fittings into girl’s day complete with brunch and mimosas and the guys did the same. We distributed itineraries to members of the bridal party since most were out of state or not local.

My pitfalls were stressing and over analyzing small things! Some days I cried and most days I laughed to keep from crying! There were several moments where I didn’t know how things were going to work out but they did so perfectly.  Stress also resulted from witnessing individual’s true character while planning, and it was as though people had forgotten whom the day was really about. Nonetheless, we kept a positive outlook and will carry our wedding day in our hearts forever.

Our vision for the wedding was very simple, to just have fun with our family and friends, and our theme was infinity.  Our colors were coral, Ivory and hunter green, and the actual infinity symbol adorned a number of decorative items at the wedding. The infinity symbol represents no end, just like our bond.

The vendors were a pleasure to work with and we had even become friends with them throughout the planning process (practically bffs). They remained patient with me as the wedding date neared. The wedding weekend began Friday night with a family cookout at my parent’s home in Maryland and ended with an outdoor pig out session following the wedding with our bridal party and close friends. You can imagine the chaos in between, but I’ll spare you those details (for now loll).

Advice To My Fellow Coordinated Brides:

Future brides please do not wait until the last minute to do anything because the devil is in the details. Procrastinating will only stress you out. Invest in a reputable coordinator or enlist a friend whom you trust to execute wedding tasks. Assign duties to each individual bridesmaid and have your maid and/or matron of honor report to you. Corresponding with multiple people gets confusing and is harder to track.  Remember, they are there to help you in any way possible.

It’s common knowledge that weddings can be expensive, and Jeff and I realized this very quickly.  Once you set a wedding date start looking for cost-efficient ways to bring your day to life. I practically lived on Etsy and Pinterest! Fridays and Sundays are typically cheaper, and time of year is also a factor. Consider advice from those you love and trust, but ultimately it is your vision you want to see on your wedding day.

Watch your groomsmen!  ‘The Hangover’ is a cautionary tale of what can happen if the bachelor and bachelorette parties go awry. Just get down the aisle in one piece! By all means, turn up, but do so responsibly.

Make a vow to take one day to unplug, decompress, and just relax before the pandemonium begins. This is a rare milestone and you’ll want to be fully present to absorb every moment of happiness.

Wedding Date: Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ceremony & Reception Location: The Bolger Center,  Potomac, MD

Photographer: Izake Moniko

Stanley I. Monickam



Lauren Grant, Access Granted Productions,  Instgram: @accessgrantedpro

Makeup: Lauren Nicely of Nicely Faces,, Instagram:@lonicely

Florist: Rainbow Florist,

Happy Planning Coordinated Brides!