Fathers, a girl’s first love.  My biological father passed away many many years ago. My mother remarried and I was raised by her husband, my father, since I was 8.  My father taught me the importance of having my finances in order, the difference between being independent and dependent and he drilled down the importance of being my own person.

I was blessed to have my father walk me down the aisle on my wedding day and even more blessed to share a father daughter dance with him.  When I think back and ponder on all the different directions that my live could’ve taken, I am humbled into silence and personal reflection.  How could I be so lucky to have God place such a role model in my life.  I left home at 18 to attend college.   It was very important for me to walk down the aisle half way on my own and then have both my mother and father meet me and walk me down the aisle the rest of the way.  It was symbolic for the way that my life had evolved.   When my husband shook my father’s hand, looked him in the eyes and said “I’ll take good care of her”, my dad nodded his head in confidence.  He was assured that his baby girl would be just fine.

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From Nicole Fierro:

My father is the absolute best man in the whole world! At 27 years old I still call him ‘Daddy” & he still calls me “Baby Doll”. He is an outstanding father, he has raised kids that are not biologically his and he has helped mold all of us into better human beings by his existence. On my wedding day 04/18/2015, with the instructions to be at my hotel and ready by 6pm, my dad was there at 3 pm completely dressed and waiting. He spent the entire afternoon making sure we needed nothing. He waited with patience and love, waiting on his baby doll to be ready. I know when he finally saw me dressed it struck a special cord on his heart. This was only the second time in my life I saw my dad cry. He walked up to me and gave me a kiss on my forehead as he did my entire life and told me I was the most beautiful thing he saw in his entire life. My daddy waited on me hand and foot the entire night. We had a special time just he and I riding to the church, and especially walking down the aisle. He talked to me the entire time telling me how complete his life was, because at this very moment his baby doll, who he took 3 hours to be sure the car seat was safe enough for me to get in when I left the hospital at birth was finally going to be in a safe place. Having my father’s approval and blessings was one of the most important things to me. Any man that can even compare to my dad is a win. My dad fell more in love with me on my wedding day, just as I fell more in love with my husband. To this very minute I am and will always be my Daddy’s little girl.

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From Cecilia Palma Gonzalez:
I’m Cecilia from Yucatán, México. My wedding was on November 8, 2014. The ceremony took place in a beautiful and modern church in Mérida (our hometown) and the party was at a beautiful hacienda here in Mérida too.  On my wedding day my father and I danced and sang to  “I love you just the way you are” by Barry White. It’s one of our favorite songs and it is so meaningful for both of us.
My dad walked me down the aisle and also gave my husband and me some marriage advice as well as his blessing.  He is like a father for my husband too, because they met even before I start dating my husband.
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From Michele Alicia Stein (@MichelleAlicia1982)
It was a miracle that my dad made it to my wedding! H e didn’t make it to the rehearsal dinner because he was sick.  My dad is paralyzed from a car accident.  He has more lives than a cat and has almost died 9+ times.  He has had 3 strokes, is a paraplegic, went through septic shock, and has fallen numerous times ( no pun intended) but has continued to fight and never give up.   A year before my wedding he was on life support due to a bad blood infection.  My dad was the happiest I have ever seen him at my wedding. He is my hero, my inspiration, and my best friend.  NEGU.  Never ever give up!



From Gretal

Growing up he taught me important lessons like reading and writing but the one thing he always told me was above any skills I could ever learn is to believe in myself. My father showed me that I could do anything I set my mind to and that has brought me to accomplish things I never thought possible. I feel blessed to have been given a father figure like him. Ever since I was born he has been helping me become a better person, letting me know I should never settle for less. I am thankful to be able to call him Dad, I hope I have made him proud as his daughter he will always be the first man I ever loved and forever will.





From Brittany Woods (@bmwoods31@gmail.com)

Growing up my sister and I were always daddy’s little girls. 26  years into my life I can proudly say that my knowledge of balancing my checkbook, changing tires, making a perfect egg frittata and “bear” hugs with my family all come from my dad.  I always tease dad that he can ignore any one of my 4+ phone calls a day, but he always responds with a grin and tells me how he loves being one of my best friends. My wedding day was truly special having him by my side. From easing my nerves before walking down the aisle to making me crack up laughing during our first dance he deserves to be celebrated in every way possible.



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From Jasmine (@poshluxuryevents)

My Daddy is my rock!  He is the best father any girl could have.  I always told myself that whenever I get married, I want my husband to be like my daddy, and that’s exactly what I have! My daddy has always been a man of God and has always put his family first.   He is currently going through dialyses but still manages to smile and stay strong for his family. This makes me admire him even more. He will never let us see him sweat! He will do whatever it takes to make me happy. I’m a daddy’s girl and most of the time I get my way, if he feels like spoiling me at the time. Lol   My daddy is my everything and I’ll always be his little girl!
























From Natalie Sequeira (@nataliesequeira)

Growing up, my dad always told me to never forget where I came from. The day I got married was one of the most exciting, yet nerve wrecking days of my life as my dad was giving his first daughter away.   I know that I will always be his little girl, and he will always be my hero.  My dad is a man with a heart of gold, and I only wish that one day I’m half the person he is. And no, I won’t ever forget where I came from; as he was the first man I ever loved.

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From Danielle Manning (@yelley_)

A father is the first man that a girl will ever love.  He will set the precedence for all men that follow.  My dad did just that. Always believing in me. Always pushing me towards greatness.  Growing up my father always made me feel like I could truly be anything that I wanted to be.  He spoke life into my dreams no matter how ridiculous they may have sounded, all while providing guidance to be sure that I would not be led astray.  On my wedding day, my daddy cried during our first look and that melted my heart.  No matter what my new name may be or how old I am, I will forever be a daddy’s girl.

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From Marliska DeClouette (@fab_pocahontas)

I’ve been a daddy’s girl since the day I was born. My father and I have an unbreakable bond and he is very special to me. My wedding day was one of the best days of my life and I’m so grateful that I got to share it with both of my parents and had my father walk me down the aisle. My father has supported all of my hopes and dreams and has encouraged me through the years to be successful and maintain happiness in my life. Without my father‘s love and support, I probably wouldn’t be such a confident, God fearing woman. I am truly blessed and so appreciative of his love for me and our bond!!
From Nyiesha M. (@im_so_nyi)
You always hear people say fathers are their daughter’s first hero/first love. Well I can attest to that saying because my father was just that for me. I am the youngest of three and some might call me the spoiled one, but who is to blame? Of course, you guessed it, my father. My father showed me how a man should treat me not only by his actions with me, but with my mother as well. During my wedding ceremony, the Pastor asked “Who gives this woman away?” My father’s response, I can’t give her away…..but I’ll share her!” My father means the world to me and I will always be his “Baby Girl” and he will always be my “First hero/First love.”
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From Amanda
My Daddy was the first man who loved and prayed for me!  As a girl, he was the driving force that showed me how to be loved and that I deserved to be loved.  He also believed I could do anything!  When I was a kid, I tried everything from 4 sports to the marching band to the Church choir – and singing is not my ministry – but my Daddy encouraged me no matter WHAT!  I even had a solo and when I faltered, he walked over and sang with me – an unbreakable duet!  That’s love and support!  I pray that every man strive to empower, love, and protect his daughter like my Daddy did for me.
Wedding Day: June 14, 2014 || Montego Bay, Jamaica || Images by Tomayia Colvin (@tomayiacolvin)
From Angelica (@angellatina)
I am truly blessed that my Dad was with me on my wedding day.  My husband and I got married on October 12, 2014.  My Dad went to Heaven on December 7, 2014.  Life is not the same without him.  He was an extraordinary man!  He was God-fearing, selfless in every way, a true comedian at heart, loving and full of so much joy.  My mom passed when I was 3 to breast cancer. He raised my younger sister and I as a single parent. I could talk to him about anything.  He taught me that there’s nothing like God’s love and to always love myself.  The countless sacrifices that he has made for his loved ones have inspired me to always strive to live a Christ-like life.
This will be my first Father’s Day without him.  As you can imagine, it has been very tough.  I am truly thankful that I was blessed to have an amazing man as my Dad.
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From Latoya Bledsoe (@toi_storie2)
My father has been there for me all of my life. From teaching me to ride a bike, to buying me my first car and teaching me to drive.  He means the world to me. He has guided me and molded me into being the woman that I am today and I don’t know where I’d be without him. I wanted to wish him a Happy Father‘s Day. I love him!
Wedding Date October 17, 2014, San Antonio, TX | Images by Lida Mathews
From Ariana Pena 
My father has always been the main provider, the best advice giver, and one of the best protectors I have ever witnessed. Recently he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s meaning his speech, and leg mobility has been slowly deteriorating. As we walked down the aisle together I had to hold him up, the same we he has held me up many times throughout my life. After he gave me away he cried, and he later explained to me that he was crying because he was so happy to be able to be there with me, and that he knew that I was in good hands. Being able to share this moment with him was truly a dream come true and a blessing.
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Thank you too all of the Coordinated Brides who shared their stories with us today.  Wishing all of father’s out there a very happy Father’s Day.