Certified Coordinated Bride Kimberly

Journal Entry #5


If ever I could go back in time and relive just one day, it would be 08.01.2015… the best day ever!!! It is the day I married the love of my life and became Mrs. Jacobi Fenner.

If you ask me would I repeat the wedding planning process all over again, I would tell you “NO”. Just kidding, I would definitely do it all over again but I must admit I am more than delighted it is DONE! I enjoyed being a bride but I absolutely love being a wife and I am basking in every moment.

But just taking time to reflect back on the process, I would not change much because it was a much appreciated learning process for both my husband and I. Overall, I thoroughly loved planning our wedding and more often than not, I found wedding planning quite fun! I was a DIY bride ant that gave me a chance to explore my creativity and a way for me to incorporate our personalities into our wedding. My husband and I were engaged for a year and four months which was plenty of time to really plan a detailed, stress-free wedding… YEAH RIGHT! I can however say that for most of the planning it was great, the stress did not hit until the last few months of the planning process. It was in that moment that I learned that it does not matter how much you plan for things to NOT go awry, it most definitely will for one reason or another; venue coordinator wasn’t the most reliable, hidden taxes & fees, road construction causing traffic, participants of wedding party are not compliant, just to name a few.

Images by Elaine Mobley Photography


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Believe it or not, I have appreciation for the stressful moments because my husband and I bonded during that time. We were able to learn how to work together to troubleshoot the issue and we were able to learn more about others. I believe wedding planning and stress is a match made just like peanut butter and jelly… can’t have one without the other! The stress will build up and your nerves will get the best of you but once the big day arrives it will all be worth it, I promise. There is nothing more joyous than that moment you see your soon-to-be husband waiting for you at the altar. In that very second nothing else matters, not the mishaps, not the details, not the money, not the guests, NOTHING! You are in a complete euphoric state of mind from that moment on. I am blessed to have experienced the process but I so love this new chapter of our lives.  Now it is time for new adventures, new moves, and making new memories.

Images by Elaine Mobley Photography