Certified Coordinated Bride
JE #5 – After The Aisle


It’s been four months since we’ve tied the knot and I am still guilty of constantly looking at wedding photos trying to relive the entire day. Everyone expects some form of mishaps during the day of their wedding; I even tried to write down anything I thought could go wrong so I was able to handle it. I never dreamed that the day I married my best friend would be absolutely perfect.

I was in complete control of planning our wedding and tried to incorporate tons of personal details along the way. I have to say, I wasn’t the least bit stressed about any of the planning until about two weeks before and then my head started to spin! The one thing that helped to keep me organized is a master checklist I made for myself with specific dates I wanted to have every task done by. It also contained all of my vendor contact information and when each payment was due by. This was my lifesaver and I highly recommend it to each and every bride!

In terms of my marriage, my husband and I are definitely still in a complete honeymoon phase! Even though we’ve been together for 10+ years, we are constantly discovering new things about one another. I’m not saying everything has been perfect each and every second though. A marriage takes tons of work and even though it’s only been four months, we’ve definitely been able to crack open our “First Fight” wine bottle! I wouldn’t change anything about the choice I made in my life partner though. He’s my absolute best friend. It’s hard to not get completely wrapped up in all the wedding planning and often you may lose sight of the fact that you’re starting a new life together with your loved one. I think it’s easy to forget about the marriage aspect when you can quickly only focus on the actual wedding and after you say I do, then what? Live in the moment with your partner – the advice I tell myself everyday.

Marrying the love of my life was the easiest choice I’ve ever made and I wouldn’t change a thing!

Thank you everyone for following our journey!

Coordinated Bride Signing Out,

XOXO Jackie