Certified Coordinated Bride
Journal Entry #2
Bridesmaid Proposal

One of the first decisions a newly engaged girl has to make is choosing her bride tribe – the group of ladies who will usher her into her new role as a wife. Some people were born with a ready-made tribe – perhaps as one of many sisters – while others inherited their tribe through extracurricular activities. Neither the former nor the latter applies to me. As the only girl of my parents, I did not have sisters growing up; neither did I have many female cousins around my age who lived near me. And although I was a cheerleader in high school, I wasn’t a part of any sororities or teams in college that exposed me to a huge circle of girlfriends. Nevertheless, I have been blessed with close relationships, and it was important to me to have a group of girls that reflected the span of my life and the time periods that shaped me.

It did not take me long to pick my group of women. My maid of honor is my best friend Nanre. We met on the first day of law school in 2013 and clicked instantly. We are so alike that many times, we find ourselves thinking the exact same things, and we frequently catch ourselves asking each other “Why are we the same person?!?” (LOL). Another one of my girls is Nasheda, who I met in 2010 while still in undergrad and working at a previous job. Nasheda is probably my most kind and reliable friend. She is super smart, caring, poised, organized, and has a heart of gold. Nneka, another one of my bridesmaids, is more like family and we call ourselves cousins. We grew up together, and I remember many summers hanging out at her house, going to the mall, movies, and parties together as we got into our teenage years, and now growing into adulthood with both of us obtaining graduate degrees, getting our dream jobs and becoming wives soon (she just got engaged!!). These are all things we used to talk about when we were kids, and now they are all happening!

Another one of my bridesmaids is Melissa, my high school bestie and still one of my best friends. We were both cheerleaders in high school and bonded over our love for rap music, among many other things. I still have memories of us commuting home together rapping Biggie Smalls songs on the train and bus (LOL). I have also known Crystal, another one of my girls, for several years now – I cannot even remember the year we met but we grew up attending the same church. That relationship stemmed into a friendship outside of church, and I have always kept her close. She is very fun and down to earth, a total sweetheart, and just a good person in general. Not to mention she is my travel goals (she is always on the move!). Last but not least, is Christina, one of my best friends from law school. We met each other at accepted student’s weekend for our university in 2013. I immediately got great vibes from her and we decided to become roommates within a few days of knowing each other. We were roomies for two years, and I have to say she was the best roommate and friend, and was one of the reasons I was able to survive law school. She is also incredibly humble, and although she was the youngest of our law school group of girlfriends, she was by far the most put together – I always tell her that she is my most responsible friend.

After picking my girls and tentatively making them aware that I wanted them to be a part of my special day, I started to plan how to formally “propose” to them. I wanted to do something special for them, so I made reservations at STK, one of my favorite restaurants, and asked them to all come to dinner. Beforehand, I spent two weeks sourcing for items to put into bridesmaid proposal boxes that I was creating for each of them.

Each box consisted of a bottle of champagne, personalized cookies, a stemless wine glass customized with each of their names, knot earrings that said “I couldn’t tie the knot without you,” and a lotion from bath and body works. I also bought personalized boxes on Etsy with each of their names and titles on them. I had so much fun creating these boxes, and they were all very excited to receive them! I had also planned to pay for our dinner, but my girls vehemently refused (as the sweethearts that they are).

Throughout this process, I have learned that your bridesmaids can either make you or break you during wedding planning. So far, I think I chose well. My bridesmaids have been very cooperative and responsive with everything I have asked of them, and I hope that in these last couple of months leading up to the wedding, I continue to bond with this special group of ladies while also letting them know how much I appreciate them being a part of one of the most important days of my life.

Until next time,