Certified Coordinated Bride Demonica

Journal Entry #5


It’s here. The day that I haven’t actually dreamed of my entire life but planned so rigorously for the past two years is here. You see, I never imagined I would get married. I figured marriage wasn’t for me. It wasn’t until I met someone who challenged my views and gave me new perspectives that I considered the idea. But now it’s here. Today Jared & I take another step forward in our lives.

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After 25 months of planning, I get to see it all unfold. From the beginning, I’ve been told to enjoy the process. Time flies. Don’t kill anyone. Well, while time waits for no one, I truly have taken it all in. I don’t know about anyone else but 2 years is a LONG time and this has gone by very slowly lol. However, it was what worked for us. We have planned and planned and then planned some more. I’ve heard the horror stories about the planning process but that hasn’t been the case with me. Yes, I’ve had a few disappointments and not everything has gone my ideal way but I learned at a very young age that that’s just life. So you roll with it.

One of the best moments over the past two years was actually counting down. We watched 800 days turn into now. Over the past week I’ve reflected on the past seven years and I am amazed and proud of the growth within the two of us. We started off as teenagers who did not even want to date let alone get married. Now we are becoming one before family, friends, and God.



Throughout these last two years though I have become so much more grateful for time and the people in my life. That is what has made this such an incredible journey and process. From my amazing partner, to my friends, family, and planner. I couldn’t have asked for a better support system.

If I had to give advice to anyone on this process I’d tell them to do what makes them happy and don’t let anyone try to stop that. There’s a big chance something won’t go your way. There’s an even greater chance someone will tap dance on your last nerve. But at the end of the day it’s all about you and your partner. It’s about the union and journey you all are creating. It’s about the two of you. Don’t let anyone take that from you.




So here it is. New Year’s Eve. The planning is over. The nerves might kick in. But it’s here. The day I marry the man God groomed just for me. And now we welcome a new year full of things that have never been. Yes we’ve planned for a wedding but I am much more excited to live out my marriage and experience life with this person.

I’m forever grateful for this platform and the ability to share with you all this journey we’ve been on. I’ve gained friendships through The Coordinated Bride and its platform and appreciate the support I’ve received from my bride sisters as well. I still can’t believe I’m about to be someone’s wife. Jared you’re stuck with me! That’s all folks! Happy New Year!






Photographer: Lars Johnson Photography // Wedding Planner Kia Marie Events

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