Certified Coordinated Bride Ashley

Final Journal Entry

A Journey Fulfilled

If I were ever have to plan another event to this magnitude, I wouldn’t! Just joking! I would seriously do this all over again. The experience of planning a wedding is like life. Its time consuming, draining, but so fulfilling. I’ve had great days and I have had some bad. I have gained new people in my life and lost some old ones. Created stronger bonds with ones that have been by my side and found out who wasn’t truly on my team. All in all, the journey has been beautiful. Every high and low has been worth it. The mere thought of walking down the aisle to see the love of my life still makes me teary eyed. This is all I ever envisioned. Not the wedding, the dress, but that moment. And the many moments we will create lasting memories together. To know that before God, our family and friends, and each other we will become one. That’s the moment I have always dreamed of.

Our wedding was the best day of our lives. For the entire week of the wedding, it rained. Everyday! I believe that everyone was nervous that it may rain. Everyone except for me. I had faith that our day would be as beautiful as the love that we share. And it was. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. As I prepared to walk down the aisle I was more excited than ever. As soon as the doors opened, I burst into tears (as I am doing as I am typing now). The ceremony was romantic with a custom candle wall and candles that adorned the aisle. In front of over 200 guests we performed the sand ceremony with our daughter. We shared the Bitter and Sweet ceremony, symbolizing the highs and lows of marriage. But our officiant, my Grandfather reminded us that whether it’s bitter or it’s sweet stick together. We sealed our love with a kiss and jumped the broom into our new life! Everything was just as I had dreamed about. It was literally the best day ever!!!

I can’t begin to thank my family, who has supported Bert and me through this past year. The prayers that they have sent up didn’t go unnoticed. The small nuggets of faith and encouragement they whispered to both of us were priceless. My bridal party has been amazing! To dedicate your time, energy and finances to our special day is an act of love. I couldn’t have chosen a better group of divas to stand next to me on the most important day of our lives. My Event Planner extraordinaire, Noel Johnson….where do I begin? I hired Noel just to be my “Day of Coordinator”, but he became my “Everyday Coordinator”! He allowed me to vent, discuss my outlandish ideas, and even executed those ideas for the big day. A planner that has definitely been my saving grace! My Instagram bridal sisters and followers, thank you. There have been days when I shared my deepest moments good and bad. They have shared encouragement and even shared their own ideas for their weddings. So many thought I was crazy to share my journey as a bride, but it has been great! It allowed me to connect with other brides and allow others to get the scoop on our big day.

If I could share one last piece of advice, it would be to keep positive people around. Not just around but CLOSE! Some friends and family don’t need to be involved in everything, just the big day. This will keep the stress at a minimum. There’s only room for positivity in a stressful and exciting time of planning a wedding. A wedding can show you the good, the bad, and the ugly of people that you thought you knew. Yet the beautiful part is that when it’s all said and done you will have your love of your life forever!

Most importantly I am elated to become Mrs. Dauphin to Mr. Innobert A. Dauphin. He is the beacon of light in my life. Steady shining throughout everything. No matter who comes and goes, or what happens, he’s always been there. His love for me is undeniable and his zest for life has awaken me to live life to the fullest. For him I am eternally thankful. As I prepare to take this journey of life with him I am humbled at God’s grace to accept him as my partner in life….forever.

Thank you for following my journey as a bride! Follow me throughout my first year as a wife @beautynthebeard15

~ Mrs. Dauphin

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