Elie and Prisca tied the knot on June 26, 2016 with a church ceremony in Miami, Fl followed by a Vintage Posh wedding in Coral Gables.  We first introduced you to this gorgeous couple back in May when we featured their Flordia engagement session.

From the Coordinated Bride, Prisca:

We met at church and we were not fond of each other at first.   I can pinpoint the exact moment when our friendship began. It was 2008 and we were attending a young adult conference with our church in Atlanta.  After the conference we were all relaxing and playing cards and I walked over to him inquiring about another friend of his.  We started to talk and before we knew it, hours had passed.  I felt like I was talking to an old friend, like we had been friends forever.  I wasn’t ready for how much of myself I could be around him; it was a pleasant surprise.    Once the conference was over we still talked here and there and while I was away in college.   I remember telling my aunt if there was one person I would consider dating from church, it was Elie.

Fast forward about 6 years to 2014 and we began to date.  I realized I did not want to lose my best friend to another girl (we were dating other people between 2008-2014) so I approached him and asked him if he wanted to see where a relationship would go that I was ready and willing as well.

On July 4, 2016 I was on my way back from a mission’s trip to Haiti.  I was upset that he wasn’t coming to pick me up and even more annoyed that he was sending me “short” messages when I arrived.   I’m thinking, “Dude you should be excited that I am coming back home.” Little did I know, Elie, family, and friends were waiting for me at the arrival gate.    Greeted with signs, my mother, father and grandmother hugged me super tight and I was turned around facing a drawing of Elie + Prisca = 1.    I was in shock and thinking no he did not.   I did not want a public proposal but nevertheless it was happening.   His friends came out singing Jodeci’s “All My Life” and from behind a pillar came Elie, beaming from ear to ear.    He got on his knees and asked me, “Prisca, will you marry me?” In fact, he actually whispered it. He was so nervous. The first words out of my mouth was, “So this is why you guys wanted me to change and put on makeup so badly?!”   Elie gets up, walks towards me and my brother says, “so wait are you saying yes?”    In a loud voice I screamed, “YES!”

We drove home to my house to find another surprise. Close friends and family greeted me at the entrance. Even though I did not want a public proposal, he listened to the most important aspect of what I wanted. That was for our family and friends to be there. I was so overwhelmed from the amount of love and dedication everyone put in for this moment in our lives. These people would also play pivotal roles in our journey to the aisle. July 4th became the first chapter in our forever and we are looking forward to writing many more.





I wanted a dress that was timeless.  I ended up going with an ivory lace gown accessorized with a shoulder necklace created for me by my mother.  I dawned a pearl bracelet with my aunt’s name plate as my something borrowed and crystal drop earrings.







Our music and food incorporated elements of our Hatian culture.  From the infectious beats of Kompa to the rich flavors of pikliz and griot.  We wanted our guest to feel right at home.  




Our first dance song was a Kompa remix of Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud. Elie and his mother danced to “Mama” by Boyz to Men.  My father and I danced to “Slow Down” by Nichole Nordeman.

The best memory from our wedding was that when my father gave me away, he hugged my husband and began to break down, then we all began to break down.  Elie actually had to hold my father up.  It was a very emotional moment.  At that point it became very real to me that I was leaving my family and cleaving to my husband. 




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There is so much I want to say but the best advice that I can give to my fellow Coordinated Brides is to never lose sight about why you are getting married. Everything about the day of is temporary.   It is the moments after “I do” that matter the most. Don’t invest 100% of you into your wedding without investing 100% of you are into your marriage.

Prisca & Eli Short Version from Tony of AVD on Vimeo.

Congrats to this beautiful couple and special thanks to Michaela from Artistic Vision & Design Photography for sharing these stunning pictures!

Vendor Collaboration

Photography and Cinematography: Artistic Vision and Design (AVD PICS) || Catering: Semaj one way catering Desserts || Lux Cakery Reception: Coral Gables Woman’s Club || Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church of Miami || Decor: Touch of Class || Music: Dj Big Ben ||Floral: Florana Flowers || Jewelery: Ketelen Raymond || Hair: Mon Cheri hair and Precile Lozama Makeup: Keeshamakeup ||  Nails: Nail Lounge Miramar