Darren and Ashton met while attending Louisiana Tech, but it was their love for baked goods that really brought them together.

How We Met:

Ashton: We both attended the same church, Calvary Baptist. Every year, our church hosts a dinner theater to raise money for missions. Darren and I were both participating in the dinner theater, which was to be held at the Dixie Theater in downtown Ruston, Louisiana. The day of the dress rehearsal, I had brought baked goods to be kept backstage. One of my favorite things to do it bake; therefore, I am always looking for reasons to do so. On the other hand, Darren loves to eat baked goods. The first time we met was the at backstage of the Dixie Theater as I offered him some cookies and such.

The rest was pretty much history!
Check out their beautiful wedding filled with personal touches from wands to pillows and programs, photographed by Micahla Wilson !
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Vendor Collaboration:

Photographer:  Photography By Micahla Wilson // Floral Designer: Botanical Occasions by Leanne Graves // Event Venue: Dixie Cotton Gin // Cake Designer: GeorgieGirl Cakery // Submitted via Two Bright Lights