The wedding day of Emily and Larry was a series of unfortunate events that somehow coordinated into something beautiful that the couple and the wedding vendors will forever remember.

From photographer Jasmine White Photography

Emily has to be one of the most calm brides that I have ever encountered in my six years of photographing weddings. Everything was set up at Glade Springs Resort for a beautiful outside wedding, however, it was probably one of the most bipolar weather days I’ve ever encountered as a photographer. One minute the sun was out and it would be a gorgeous day for an outdoor wedding, and the very next minute you would hear the thunder roll in with clouds and torrential downpours to follow. While Emily and her wedding vendor team waited out the storms as long as possible, when ceremony time rolled around, it was raining harder than it had all day and they sent the horse and carriage home (to get the beautiful horses out of the bad weather) and moved their entire outdoor ceremony indoors to their reception area.

While this would have had most brides in a complete panic attack, I never heard Emily say one negative word – it was quite impressive and made me want to be more like her, for certain.  Another neat part about Emily and Larry’s wedding is that Larry is a doctor and every groomsmen in the wedding were also doctors (except for one, I believe).  So, if anyone was going to have a medical emergency this was the wedding for that to happen (thankfully there were no emergencies though, lol).

Emily and Larry are two of the kindest souls I’ve ever met, and they deserve the best life together.

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The Coordinated Bride Frost_Cook_JasmineWhitePhotography_319CookWedding_low

The Coordinated Bride Frost_Cook_JasmineWhitePhotography_316CookWedding_low

The Coordinated Bride Frost_Cook_JasmineWhitePhotography_345CookWedding_low

The Coordinated Bride Frost_Cook_JasmineWhitePhotography_348CookWedding_low

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The Coordinated Bride Frost_Cook_JasmineWhitePhotography_355CookWedding_low

The Coordinated Bride Frost_Cook_JasmineWhitePhotography_357CookWedding_low

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The Coordinated Bride Frost_Cook_JasmineWhitePhotography_064CookWedding_low

The Coordinated Bride Frost_Cook_JasmineWhitePhotography_124CookWedding_low

The Coordinated Bride Frost_Cook_JasmineWhitePhotography_137CookWedding_low

The Coordinated Bride Frost_Cook_JasmineWhitePhotography_102CookWedding_low

The Coordinated Bride Frost_Cook_JasmineWhitePhotography_214CookWedding_low

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The Coordinated Bride Frost_Cook_JasmineWhitePhotography_408CookWedding_low

The Coordinated Bride Frost_Cook_JasmineWhitePhotography_042CookWedding_low

Vendor Collaboration

Photographer:  Jasmine White Photography // Event Venue: The Resort at Glade Springs //
Submitted via Two Bright Lights