Ana and Alex tied tied the knot in a beautiful wedding filled with coral and gold touches.  The attention to beautiful decor was amazing with a stunning and stylish bridal party.  The venue, The Regent in Florida, never looked so beautiful with amazing tall centerpieces, golden linen and stunning draping. Rising Lotus Photography  was able to capture the love between Ana and Alex as well as the elegant and timeless decor.

When Ana and Alex went out for a walk around a local park, little did she know it would change her life forever. But her sister and cousin knew all along because they’d been secretly helping Alex plan a surprise proposal. About a year later, on a Saturday morning in June, Ana and Alex took another life changing walk. This time they became husband and wife.

Friends and family gathered to witness their wedding at Nativity Catholic Church. Then it was off to The Regent later that day for a dance filled evening. And we do mean spectacular, wow-inducing dancing!

The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex422_low

The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex417_low   The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex512_low The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex532_low The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex385_low The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex506_low The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex496_low

The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex357_low

The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex349_low

The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex333_low The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex544_lowThe Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex1032_low

The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex666_low

The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex650_low

The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex576_low The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex611_low The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex616_low

The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex759_low

The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex798_low

The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex771_low

The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex793_low

The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex806_low

The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex852_low The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex751_low The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex787_low

The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex332_low

The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex74_lowTHe Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex221_low

Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex1099_low The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex1042_low The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex1054_low

THe Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex1067_low

The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex1091_low

The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex1104_lowThe Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex681_low THe Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex679_low The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex674_low The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex864_lowThe Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex921_low The Coordinated Bride Ana_Alex_Rising_Lotus_Photography_anaalex1180_low

Vendor Collaboration

Photographer:  Rising Lotus Photography // Caterer:3 C’s Catering // Floral Designer: Alta Fleura, LLC // Caterer: Catering by Lundys // Dress Store: CC’s Bridal Boutique // Cinema and Video: Celebrations of Tampa Bay // Design and Decor: Event Design // DJ: Finest DeeJays // Caterer: Olympia Catering & Events // Photo Booth Equipment: Prints Charming Photo Booth // Event Venue: The Regent // Jewelry: Versona Accessories//  Submitted via Two Bright Lights