High School Sweethearts Rachel and Jonathan tied the knot on June 6th, 2016 at the Cold Spring Country Club in New York.

Although the day consisted of rain, it didn’t put a damper on the event. Everyone was in wonderful spirits and excited for the union of these two amazing individuals. The couple was showered with love from family and friends all around (many of whom have known the couple since childhood!). Jonathan even broke down into tears of joy when reciting his vows to Rachel.

The wedding included a lovely Ketubah signing, a lively Hora dance, a Mezinka to congratulate Rachel’s parents and even a stand that gave out hot NYC pretzels to guests as they departed the wedding!

Here are some snippets from their big day captured by  Sarah Tew Photography!


The Coordinated Bride Bass_Cohn_Sarah_Tew_Photography_0019RachelJonathanBdtls_lowThe Coordinated Bride Bass_Cohn_Sarah_Tew_Photography_0025RachelJonathanBdtls_lowThe Coordinated Bride Bass_Cohn_Sarah_Tew_Photography_0059RachelJonathanBdtls_low

The Coordinated Bride Bass_Cohn_Sarah_Tew_Photography_0131RachelJonathanGprep_lowThe Coordinated Bride Bass_Cohn_Sarah_Tew_Photography_0198RachelJonathanBprep_low The Coordinated Bride Bass_Cohn_Sarah_Tew_Photography_0225RachelJonathanCouple_low The Coordinated Bride Bass_Cohn_Sarah_Tew_Photography_0246RachelJonathanCouple_lowThe Coordinated Bride Bass_Cohn_Sarah_Tew_Photography_0490RachelJonathanBdtls_lowThe Coordinated Bride Bass_Cohn_Sarah_Tew_Photography_0614RachelJonathanCerem_lowThe Coordinated Bride Bass_Cohn_Sarah_Tew_Photography_0692RachelJonathanCerem_lowThe Coordinated Bride Bass_Cohn_Sarah_Tew_Photography_0729RachelJonathanCerem_lowThe Coordinated Bride Bass_Cohn_Sarah_Tew_Photography_0482RachelJonathanRdtls_lowThe Coordinated Bride Bass_Cohn_Sarah_Tew_Photography_0352RachelJonathanWParty_lowThe Coordinated Bride Bass_Cohn_Sarah_Tew_Photography_0771RachelJonathanRdtls_lowThe Coordinated Bride Bass_Cohn_Sarah_Tew_Photography_0781RachelJonathanRdtls_lowThe Coordinated Bride Bass_Cohn_Sarah_Tew_Photography_0850RachelJonathanRdtls_lowThe Coordinated Bride Bass_Cohn_Sarah_Tew_Photography_0856RachelJonathanRdtls_lowThe Coordinated Bride Bass_Cohn_Sarah_Tew_Photography_0870RachelJonathanRdtls_lowThe Coordinated Bride Bass_Cohn_Sarah_Tew_Photography_0880RachelJonathanRdtls_low

Vendor Collaboration

Photographer:  Sarah Tew Photography // Beauty: Anne DeMarco // Floral Designer: Artistry in Flowers // Caterer: Cold Spring Country Club // Cake Designer: Cold Spring Country Club // Event Venue: Cold Spring Country Club // Band: Creations Music // Invitation Designer:Event Concepts Incorporated // Dress Designer: Matthew Christopher // Officiant: Rabbi Alan Lucas // Cinema and Video: Sherwood Triart Photography //

Submitted via Two Bright Lights