Samuel and Alexandra got married on Carlyle On The Green in NY on May 18, 2013.   We are excited to share their love story in words and pictures in honor of their one year anniversary!!
In Alex’s words:

Hmmm, how we met is an interesting story depending on whose version of the story you hear lol.  Well as I recall it I first met Sam at a mutual friend’s birthday celebration in February of 2010.  I had been single for quite some time and was not really looking for love at all.  I was focusing on finishing my studies and pursuing a new job.  My girlfriend and I were invited to attend a good friend’s birthday bash at a lounge in Chelsea N.Y.C. Mind you I did not see or meet Samuel throughout that night at all.  It wasn’t until the very end of the night that Sam and I actually were introduced to one another.  My girlfriend, Sam and I shared a ride home from another mutual friend of ours.  Upon entering the vehicle I encountered Sam and I politely said hello.   I’ll admit he sure was a cutie.  After we were all seated in the backseat the driver, our mutual friend, properly introduced us to one another and we basically spent the first half of the ride home quiet, until the driver decided to make a pit stop before driving my girlfriend and I home.  Since the driver, our friend, was basically falling asleep at the wheel we agreed to stop at a diner midway to help wake him up.  Upon reaching the diner the car hit a pot hole which caused Sam to bump his head against the window he had been leaning his head on while sleeping.  He undoubtedly woke up spouting a few choice words due to the pain and I burst out giggling because of it lol  We exchanged in some small talk and entered the diner.  After spending a good hour or so grilling me in the diner or as Sam puts it “interviewing me” lol we hit the road driving towards my home.  Sam and I yet again engaged in an interesting conversation, this time a little more personal.  In the midst of a crowded car we had a debate about  women in general, it was at this point that his, how shall I put it? His snotty attitude came through the most! lol   He was quite the character that night and I found him a bit arrogant; however, I decided to remain polite, we agreed to disagree, and left it at that.  After that night I never thought that I’d hear from him again but to my surprise he waited a day to contact me via Facebook lol.  He “friended” me on the social networking site and wrote me a pretty nice message, after reading his message I decided to let bigons be bigons and I accepted his friend request and the rest is history. Never would I have imagined what the future would have in store for us!

I went to that birthday party with the intention of just having a good time dancing, laughing and re-connecting with old friends, and unknowingly what I left with was so much more…

The Proposal

Friday, December 31, 2010

Sam and I are both low key individuals and we value our privacy.  With that being said, it was 12/31/2010 (New Years Eve) and Sam had just moved into his new apartment about three weeks prior and was settling in.  You see, Sam had moved from the Bronx to Queens to be closer to me.  A week prior to his proposal, Sam had written a beautiful letter to my parents telling them of his intentions towards me and the way he felt about me.  With my parent’s permission and blessing he decided to propose to me in an intimate setting-what could be more intimate and private than his place.

He invited me over for dinner that night; it was just he and I.  I had walked over to where he was by the kitchen counter.  We were chatting as we usually did and he began his introduction with reminding me of the conversations that we would have in the past about love and marriage and he slowly pulled out a bag from underneath the kitchen cabinet and placed it on the kitchen counter next to him.  I noticed  it but did not pay much attention to it.  Then he pulled out a smaller bag from out of the larger bag, I figured it was a piece of jewelry, maybe a bracelet or earrings, I never imagined what would be coming next.  He then proceeded to tell me how much he loved me and how thankful to God he was to have met me and how he felt the Lord had brought us together.  I could tell that he was serious and his words were heartfelt and he then proceeded to take a little black box from out of the bag, opened it up, got down on one knee, took my hand in his and asked me for my hand in marriage. I was so touched, surprised and in awe that I was speechless for a few seconds but my reply was “Yes, of course”!!!  He placed the beautiful diamond ring on my finger and we had become officially ENGAGED!!!

Advice for fellow Coordinated Brides

Allow ample time for planning and saving; it took my husband & I two whole years to plan the wedding of our dreams.  Planning with enough time will help make the vision that you have for your wedding come to fruition.  Establish a budget.  You will reduce the likelihood of having to sacrifice your ideal wedding vision if you plan ahead. First things first- choose your venue-this will give you a base line for the budget you and your fiancé’ have set in place for your special day; venues typically must be reserved a year in advance so book that first.  Next shop around for wedding Entertainment-the DJ and/or band is the heart beat of the party; they typically book six months to a year in advance as well.  When choosing a wedding photographer and/or cinematographer shop around; don’t skimp on wedding photography-those images will be the ones you look at for years to come and they are worth the price.  If you are going to save on anything I would say save on the flowers- you can have very beautiful centerpieces and bouquets without going over budget depending on the choice of flowers you choose and using low centerpieces rather than high centerpieces.  The most exciting part of planning for me was shopping for my wedding gown and helping to create our wedding stationary. The worst part of planning would be the stress of meeting payment deadlines; this can cause arguments between couples, other brides have stated that this is very common. Wedding planning can be a very hectic and stressful process for any couple but it is normal.  What I have learned is planning ahead helps tremendously!

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Happy Anniversary to Alexandra and Sam!  We wish you a life of happiness!!