Alysse and Evan’s garden wedding at San Marcos Estates in California combined vintage and classic elements that coordinated into a lifetime event that will be relevant for years to come.

“I never thought that one dream would lead me to another very different one. Or that it would take me moving 3,000 miles away to meet a man who grew up only a few miles away from me in my own home town. However, I suppose that’s how life is beautifully unexpected in so many ways.”

From Bride Alysse:

We met in 2012 while I was visiting home for a few days. We were out with mutual friends  when I saw him and immediately felt an overwhelming attraction. I did what I could to be near him or talk to anyone that was talking to him. What I didn’t realize is that he felt the same. After one very minimal but pleasant conversation I was off again back to NYC with this handsome man now in my past; or so I thought.

A few days after returning to New York I received a Facebook message from him. We started messaging, then texting which led to phone calls. Two weeks later he was visiting me in New York. After months of back and forth we decided I would move back to really give this thing a chance.
On my 28th birthday he proposed to me in Corona del Mar California on the cliffs.

From there the wedding planning immediately began. I knew I wanted a vintage feel but something that was classic, that I could look back in years to come and it still feel relevant. I wanted soft colors that weren’t overwhelming but simple and pretty. We did not have a wedding coordinator or any professional help with the planning. We did everything with the help of our families from the flowers to the fan programs. Every detail was important to me and I had a blast bringing this vision to life!


Special thanks to Jamie B. Photography for submitting this beautiful wedding!

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The Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_smithsneak26_low The Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_smithsneak46_low The Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_smithsneak48_low

The Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_smithsneak47_low

The Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_smithsneak52_low The Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_smithsneak55_low

The Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_smithsneak59_low

The Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_smithsneak60_low

The Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_smithsneak44_low

The Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_smithsneak54_low

The Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_smithsneak66_low

The Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_smithsneak32_low

The Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_smithsneak62_low The Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_SmithWedding39_low The Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_SmithWedding46809_low The Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_SmithWedding740_low The Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_SmithWedding711_lowThe Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_smithsneak78_low The Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_smithsneak79_low The Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_smithsneak81_low The Coordinated Bride Smith_Smith_Jamie_B_Photography_smithsneak84_low

Vendor Collaboration

Photographer:  Jamie B. Photography // Event Planner: Alysse Marie Events // Hair Stylist: Christine Bennett Hair // Event Venue: Green Gables Wedding Estate // Groomsman Attire:Macy’s // Makeup Artist: Makeup by Melinn // Dress Designer: Matthew Christopher // DJ:Primo DJs//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights