Yesterday, we presented Part I of Ester and Oksen’s blush and ivory wedding!  We gave a huge nod to the team over at VWP Video & Photo but today, in Part II we want to shift focus to the bride and groom. Read below to hear directly from the bride, Ester, who planned, coordinated and executed the entire wedding On Her Own!  Yes – she’s that awesome!
Our Love Story

It begins as the classic boy meets girls when girl visits boy’s workplace regularly. I was helping my brother out with his business finances which resulted in many visits to the bank. Oksen was working as a banker and he began asking his coworker about this girl, who turned out be her best friend. I know small world. Well turned out his feelings grew, he got my contact information and in late 2008 we started talking, and we developed a relationship that would last only several months. I was a full time student back then and was later accepted into a rigorous design program in college and he was a hopeless romantic that deserved more time than what I was offering at the time.  Bottom line, we were perfectly made for each other but the timing was anything less than perfect. Really, he was this passionate guy and although I did have feelings for him I was too much of an immature college student to understand what I was missing out on.

The trials our relationship faced would break us apart only to bring us back stronger than ever. I had to let go and let God.  We began talking together and our relationship began to flourish more than I could have imagined. Because of our long history together and all the unsuccessful “connections” with others during our time apart we knew that each of our destiny’s included each other.   Hopeless romantics remember ;). Long story short we knew the next step for us was marriage and out of respect to our ultra traditional Armenian parents, he included them in the “proposal” (which would be an intimate dinner party where he would ask my hand in marriage). In 2013 we were official engaged and the spring of 2014 we had our wedding! And like all great stories… the rest *will be* history! 😉

Wedding Planning
When envisioning our wedding I saw both a charmingly vintage wedding and an elegant romantic wedding. It was very difficult finalizing the theme so I went to my trusty fiancé and he helped me make the decision. We decided to be more classic and elegant so we opted for an elegantly neutral yet romantic wedding with beautiful chiffon drapery, lush florals and more glamour than most red carpets could handle. Our love story was filled with classic romance so we wanted our wedding to reflect us as a couple.
Advice for fellow Coordinated Brides
One of my biggest advice to engaged couples is literally to be a couple! In everything that they do they should do it together.  I took the risk and asked my fiancé who is a guy’s guy if he would like to take part in the planning and I was pleasantly surprised! There are many obstacles we as the bride face when planning, such as balancing our hopes for a dream wedding, considering the budget and respecting the parents involved.

Wedding planning will definitely test your relationship and having a fiancé that is involved will in turn make him more supportive of decisions that you make therefore having a less complicated planning process. My next piece of advice is to finalize a theme and stick to it. As a graphic designer who has dealt with month long projects I knew the importance of this. Details really matter and the more attention you give to details the better coordinated and cohesive your wedding is.

Most of my vision and decisions came through on the wedding day. It was a glamorous day filled with beautiful gowns, dapper tuxes, impeccable appetizers, delicious Armenian cuisine, decadent desserts and so much love you could put Romeo & Juliet to shame. I will say brides unfortunately things will not go 100% your way and being prepared for that will help you deal with it emotionally. Despite the multiple sketches and diagrams I provided to my vendors (tad over compulsive here) at the end of the day some things might not be what you expected but just know after a decade of marriage you can vie for an anniversary wedding and do it all again. JUSt KIDDING! lol But really the importance of the union is more significant than the wedding day. So let love win.

Many blessings to you brides to be!

Acknowledgements & Details
Wedding Dress Designer (Purchased from Miosa Couture): Maggie Sottero

I customized this dress by replacing the existing belt with a more dramatic one and placing it on my natural waistline rather than under the bust. Attention ladies: this is more sliming! (I then used the old belt to glam up my bouquet).  Also to make the keyhole back a bit more modest I had them add a tulle insert and continue the buttons up the back to give the illusion of it being part of the dress rather than an alteration.

Flower girl dresses, bridesmaids dresses, and bridal clutch all from

Shoes: Badgley Mischka ‘Nikki’

Bracelet: Nadri ‘Marquise’

Invitations designed by me and printed by:

Florals/Linens/Centerpieces: Freelance florist

Chairs: Flowers European Design

Reception Hall: Platinum Palace


Chocolate Fountain:

Groom’s Tux: Valentino

Groomsman’s Attire: Black by Vera Wang

Photography & Videography: VWP Video & Photo

Photo Booth:

Ester and Oksen, we wish you years and years and years of wedded bliss!!