From the photographer:

Erin, the bride is a 1st grade teacher and for years has been collecting educational antiques. After her father passed away, her mom and sister went on a road trip to Chicago and shopped antiques finishing off her collection and providing her with enough items to decorate each table with a different letter from the alphabet.

From the Bride:

Ike and I met on a blind date set up by his friends Dan and Emma. At the time, I was living with my friend, Eleanor. Eleanor just happened to be Emma’s sister and Dan is her brother-in-law. Crazy how our friend circles were so close, but we had never met! Ike and I talked for hours at dinner and really hit it off. I ended up blowing him off with school approaching quickly and my stress level rising with all the chaos the beginning of school brings. The following February, I was walking around Target with my friends, Eleanor and Stacy. Eleanor spotted Ike, so I went after him to say hi and catch up. We hit it off once again, and dated for almost four years until we were engaged in May 2014.

It is my absolute passion to encourage these kids and I feel like they are my very own.  I love love love school supplies. It is all I want for every occasion….birthdays, Christmas, Teacher Appreciation, anniversaries, anytime! I also love antique shopping! Shortly after Ike and I got engaged, I went on a road trip to Chicago with my mom and sister. All the way up there and all the way back, we stopped at antique shops to look for vintage school supplies like metal lunch boxes, flash cards, children’s books, chalkboards, and anything else that could fit the theme. First grade is all about themes!


Wedding Invitation


To honor my parents, I incorporated sailboats because it was a large part of my childhood and family history. My mom’s parents started the sailboat business in Tulsa in 1967. My dad came from Chicago to attend The University of Oklahoma where he met my mom. They married and moved to Tulsa to work for the family sailboat business. My dad quickly became an integral member of the sailing community in Tulsa.


My dad was an avid OU football fan and we shared a lot of memories and love for our OU Sooners. My favorite thing to do with my dad was to go to sporting events. He would take me to high school basketball games, Tulsa Oilers hockey games, OU sporting events, and even my first grader’s events. To honor my dad, my mom used one of his old OU Sooners shirts to cut out a heart shape and sew into the inside of my wedding dress so it would be over my own heart.

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Such a lovely Guest Book idea for a bride who is also a teacher

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My dad took his own life in June of 2013.   I was definitely a daddy’s girl and always looked forward to the day he would walk me down the aisle at my wedding and I would get to dance with him at the reception. I know he was there in spirit and watched us from heaven during our special day.  We saved him a seat at the wedding with a sailboat floral arrangement in his chair.


All three readers during the wedding we’re siblings and I had each of them in my first grade class.  I have taught first grade in Broken Arrow since 2007.   Our dapper ring bearer is Isaiah. I have known Isaiah since he was born. His momma, Rebekah used to teach next door to me and just so happened to know Ike from college as well. Small world! I have enjoyed seeing Isaiah grown up over the past 6 years and love how him and Ike get along so well.


2015-03-24_0056Our precious flower girl is Mary Grace. She is the daughter of Ike’s close friends, Bret and Mary. Ike absolutely adores Mary Grace. I am so lucky to know her now and share this crazy love for such an adorable girl. Fun fact: Mary Grace has always wanted to marry Isaiah and really struggled with resisting some kisses at our wedding.

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I felt bad picking out all this super cute taker stuff when it had nothing to do with my future husband! To incorporate Ike, I also searched for vintage fly fishing items and anything having to do with Alaska since Ike lived there for almost 5 years before we met.


Signature Drink Sign

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There wasn’t a definitive ah-ha moment where we knew we wanted to get married. We both always felt so comfortable with one another. From the beginning, we referred to ourselves as ‘Team Shelby’. We are in this together! We’re ready to do life together!

Vendors Acknowledgement
Photography- Magnolia Adam’s Photography // Flowers –The Bridal Garden by Lindi // Dress- Fachianno’s // Venue- Moore Farms Rustic weddings // Pocketknives: Etsy – engravingwiz // Cake: Top Tier Cakes by Tiffany Haley // Linens from Party Pro //  DJ: DJ Connor from DJ Connections
Hair: Kristin Yarbrough from Sola Salons in Tulsa