Surprise parties are always fun and joyous, but have you ever been to a surprise wedding ?! That’s what the family of Jocelyn and Harold walked into!

Jocelyn and Harold met for the first time in 2010 at her sister’s house in Greensboro, NC. They laughed, talked and flirted for about 3 hours. Before they parted ways that evening, they exchanged numbers and set plans for a future date –Fast forward to 2015. After a lot of ignored text messages, the two met again when they both were asked us to co-emcee a wedding reception. The wedding came and they successfully hosted the reception and had been successfully hanging out every weekend since!

For their first date the two went to Fiction Kitchen and bar hopping in downtown Raleigh. Their first kiss was that night as well, it was at the Architect Bar. Fitting, considering Harold is an architect! The rest was history.

When it came time for Harold to pop the question, it ended up being spur of the moment! The two had signed a contract for a new home, Harold was so excited about the home purchase that he decided he was going to scrap his previous proposal plan and propose to Jocelyn that evening. He suggested that they go to dinner to celebrate the signing of the house contract. Jocelyn was totally oblivious that he chose their first date location for dinner that night. At dinner, Jocelyn excitedly exclaimed, “I know we’ve been talking about getting engaged, but I am SO excited about our townhouse that I don’t even care when we get engaged anymore!” Little did she know, the ring was in Harold’s pocket. After dinner, he proposed on the Boylan Street Bridge and she cried instantly.

For their big day, the two went a very unconventional route. It was a surprise wedding! They wanted guests to think they were attending an engagement brunch, but in reality it was their wedding. Jocelyn described the concept by saying, “Harold and I have received many “surprises” from life and we wanted our guests to realize that they can always roll with whatever life hands them. Even if it’s a wedding when they thought it was going to be an engagement brunch.”

Check out the gorgeous photos captured by Donnell Perry Photography from their surprise day below!

Vendor Collaboration

Musicians: Wedding Violinist Udeshi Hargett
Bakery: Cake Couture Boutique
Accomodations:The Fairview Raleigh
Equipment Rentals:Themeworks Creative
Event Designer: Fresh Affairs
Event Planner: Elana Walker Events
Photographer: Donnell Perry Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights