Lindsay, a city girl from Pennsylvania and Chase, a country boy from Texas, got married on a beautiful June summer day in Texas.  Their romantic nuptials included a groom’s cowboy boots cake and a glow stick sendoff.  The bridesmaids wore powder blue dresses and the flower girl wore a blushed peach tutu styled dress and stole the show as she walked down the ceremony aisle.

All of the beautiful touches coordinated for a romantic wedding.  Special thanks to Adria Lea Photography for sharing this wedding with us!

From the bride, Lindsay:

How We Met

Chase and I met during a literal tornado with sirens blaring in May of 2013. We lived at the same apartment complex and God happened to have our paths cross that frightening night. Being from Pennsylvania, I had never heard tornado sirens before. We were both standing on our balconies (not real safe) and he had asked if I knew of a safe place in the apartment clubhouse. I quickly informed him I was from Pennsylvania and didn’t even know what the sirens meant! He soon joined me and my two girlfriends in my apartment for several hours to wait out the storm. Chase and I became friends after that fateful night and began dating several months later.

I always joke with Chase and ask him if he ever expected to fall in love with a city girl from the Northeast…he is always quick to say no. Chase is a country boy from Texas with some southern twang…how could I not fall in love with him?!

The Proposal

Chase and I had planned a vacation for Mexico in June of 2015.  We knew our families would be joining us on the vacation, but that wasn’t out of the norm for family vacations, so I wasn’t expecting a proposal!  While in Mexico, we decided to go on an excursion consisting of snorkeling, repelling and zip lining.  Zip lining was the last part of the excursion and we had one more line to take to get to the end.   Chase had managed to work his way to the front of the line claiming he needed to use the restroom while I was at the very back with our families.  I ended up being the last person down the zip line and when I landed on the platform I found Chase getting down on one knee at the bottom of the platform.   His mom was holding a sign saying “will you marry me?” and the rest of our family had their cameras and tears rolling.    I was shaking and had a hard time making it down the steps.  Once I got to Chase I wasn’t even sure what he said, but found myself crying and shaking my head yes!  His proposal in front of our entire family was priceless and I was super impressed he managed to get the ring to Mexico without my noticing!

The Wedding

We were married on June 18, 2016 and it was everything I could have hoped for and more! I found my dream Lazaro dress at Kleinfeld’s in NYC and couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle to my dream guy. Everyone warned me the day would flash before my eyes and they were so correct! I wish I could relive the day a thousand times over. The first special moment came with our “first look”. And getting to see his face in the photographs are priceless! It was truly a special moment for both of us and thought it would help us make it through the ceremony without tears…Chase proved that thought wrong!   Seeing him so emotional at the altar made me realize how much love he had for me and left not an eye in the place dry.

The rest of the evening flew by and it was amazing to share the day with all of our friends and family who traveled from near and far. The final moment of the night…when I finally let everything sink in was our final dance. All the guests were lining up with glow sticks for our send off and Chase and I got to share one final dance to a song that means so much to us. It was at that moment I shed some tears knowing the man I was dancing with was finally my husband and we were beyond blessed to share our lives together. Our day couldn’t have been accomplished without the wonderful help from our friends, family and most importantly our vendors!

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Vendor Collaboration

Photographer:  Adria Lea Photography // Bakery: Cake-aholics Bakery // DJ: Dj Chris Brown // Caterer: Extreme Cuisine Catering // Floral Designer: Flourish Floral Design // Transportation: G&G Executive Transportation, Inc // Dress Designer: Lazaro // Event Venue: Hidden Pines Chapel // Groomsman Attire:  Joseph A Banks // Beauty: Kate Yancey Beauty // Officiant: Love Notes Weddings // Design and Decor: Query Events//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights