This lakeside wedding is full of vibrant colors and a couple not afraid to show how much they love each other.  Photographer, Smile Peace Love Photography was able to capture both the love and the beautiful picturesque landscape.

From Bide, Chelsea:

Brendan and I both attended Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, but Brendan started a year before me and became friends with the people who would bring us together two and a half years later. My sophomore year of college, I lived in the junior apartments, and Brendan lived in the sophomore dorms.  Needless to say, most of his friends lived in my building, so he was frequently around my side of campus. I had noticed the green-eyed hottie before, but we had never crossed paths where we were introduced, until one day in October.    Brendan and I share a big hobby, watching our friend, Mr. Television. One particular show we both loved to watch is South Park, which came on every Wednesday night. One day I was invited to go watch South Park with the people who lived one floor above me. It was in that apartment that I met Brendan for the first time. I already thought he was cute, but when he and I started talking and I saw how funny he was, I knew I wanted to be around him more. A few weeks later I asked for his phone number and another month later we were dating.   Once we started “officially” going out, we were inseparable. Soon we merged our friend groups and had a wonderful college experience full of supportive people who knew us before and after we were a couple.

After college, we decided to move to South Carolina together so that Brendan could get his Masters of Music. At that point, after two and a half years of dating, we knew we were going to be together for the rest of our lives. We got a dog and that made it final- we would one day get married. As time moved on, Brendan and I experienced tragedies and adventures, but no matter what happened  we remained happy and committed.

In June of 2014, Brendan and I went to enjoy a week at the lake. He had been saying he was going to propose that year, and I was ready for it! He finally popped the question over a delicious homemade meal he prepared (a rare endeavor on his part). I said yes, of course, and the rest is history (or the future, however you look at it).

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All images submitted by Smile Peace Love Photography

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