This was a beautiful destination wedding in Punta Cana with the perfect coordination of purple, teal, silver and jewels.  Paulina and Grzegorz planned their dream destination wedding off the coast of the Dominican Republic, in the beautiful area of Punta Cana.   Paulina looked absolutely stunning in her sweetheart neckline, embellished Martina Liana wedding gown and Christian Louboutin heels!  Grzegorz looked just as handsome in a sleek black suit and black tie.

From photographer Asia Pimentel Photography

The ceremony was held at the gorgeous “Igleisa Nuestra Senora de Punta Cana” Catholic Church where the two lovebirds exchanged vows and said, “I do!” in their native language, Polish. The architecture and beautiful stone work of the church was a breathtaking ceremony background in contrast to the tropical beachside city.   Following the ceremony, the reception was held at a little slice of paradise in Punta Cana – the Jellyfish Restaurant.   A gorgeous table setup was complete with hanging white bird cages filled with flowers, seashell accents, and pearls for a whimsical and fairytale touch.  The evening ended with Dominican entertainers dancing with the guests and putting on an incredible fire show. It was an absolute pleasure to capture their love – congratulations to the beautiful couple!  Let’s hear from the bride, Paulina.

Skydiving on the first date?

We were set up by my sister and her friend Jamie to meet at Jamie’s engagement party. The day we met, Grzegorz invited me to go skydiving (I am scared of planes not to mention jumping out of one! hehehe), so I politely refused.  But, we did exchange numbers and all is history after that.

The Proposal

He proposed exactly one year before our wedding, on September 14th, 2014 on a boardwalk in Brooklyn overlooking New York City.   It was the same spot where we had walked a year earlier on our first date.

Our Wedding

The color scheme was a mix of purple, teal and silver – with jewels.  Of course, we also wanted to integrate a “beach” aspect to emphasize the beautiful location.  I have visited Dominican Republic on numerous occasions and I fell in love with the way of life there and the people.   Everything is at a slower pace and no one seems anxious or rushed into anything. That is how I wanted to experience our wedding in a form of relaxed vacation for us and our guests.

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography14_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography7_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography2_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography1_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography19_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography8_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography101_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography21_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography24_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography26_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography29_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography36_low

I absolutely loved the architecture and beautiful stone work on the catholic church set right in the middle of a tropical paradise. The ceremony was lead in Polish by our friend Stanislaw, while my grandfather Micheal played the keyboard. It was very special to us that we were able to bring our Polish culture to the Dominican Republic and exchange our vows in our native language.

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography35_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography38_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography40_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography47_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography51_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography64_low

The Jellyfish Restaurant is absolutely gorgeous – it’s completely open to the outdoors and right on the beach. The guests absolutely loved the venue and we had a “crazy hour” where Dominican entertainers danced the our guests, performed and put on a fire show.  The flowers were arranged in different shades or purple and white. Some arrangements were in birdcages to add a “fairytale” feel to the entire decor.  Our cake was simple with pops of color, seashells and jewels.   Our guests received bottles of local Dominican rum painted in our colors.  It was really important to me to have a local flair at our wedding.

THe Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography3_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography4_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography11_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography13_low

The Coorinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography18_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography16_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography65_low


The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography88_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography89_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography91_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography79_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography80_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography86_low


The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography70_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography72_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography74_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography75_low

The Coordinated Bride Hospod_Jurczynski_Asia_Pimentel_Photography_Asiapimentelphotography76_low

Vendor Collaboration

Photographer:  Asia Pimentel Photography // Shoes: Christian Louboutin // Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Ermenegildo Zegna // Dress Designer: Essence of Australia // Hair Stylist: Jazmin Abad Brito // Restaurant: Jellyfish Restaurant // Floral Designer: Secret Garden Bouquets // Submitted via Two Bright Lights