“You couldn’t wait to get married, huh?” – the common phrase all newlyweds hear, but is this line shade or just casual fun? A fellow Bride Sister came to us questioning the intentions of some friends who were poking fun at her for changing her last name after she said yes. The question is, why shouldn’t a wife be proud of her new last name? Is she being extra? Are they really her “friends”?

We took to Instagram to ask our fellow Bride Sisters what their thoughts were regarding this topic to see if this bride was being extra, or doing what any bride would do, here is what we heard back!

@marishag defended the new Mrs. stating “Lol I don’t care what anybody says. I’m going to be so extra when I finally get married. Lol I told my fiancé that I’m changing my name on Facebook as soon as we leave the wedding” – now that’s the spirit! All those long nights preparing, you should be ready to rep that name!

Bride Sister @nickyysongz__ agreed with this sentiment and added “You got married, why wouldn’t you want to take pride in that new name. People will talk no matter what, it’s about you now and your husband more than it is about other people! Enjoyyyyy it sista” – Yes ladies, it’s now a union between you and your husband, not you and what your friends think!

@iambeautee tried to make us see that it’s just harmless fun by saying “I wasn’t offended when my friends said things like this. We tease each other all the time. It’s not always that serious to say they’re hating or jealous “, which could be true, if your friendship is set up to constantly joke back and forth, maybe it shouldn’t be something to take to heart?

And lastly Bride Sister @ashley.bria found the perfect solution for anyone who’s being antagonized about their wedding bliss “I’m changing my name before we get married I wish somebody would say something. Let me find out I need a friend’s permission? If that’s the case I will be writing up my bills bi-weekly for them to handle too since they run me apparently lol” – time to break out the check book ladies!

At the end of the day, a Bride knows her Bride Squad and the type of relationships she has with each, if you have to think whether its shade, it’s definitely shade, and maybe you don’t need that person in this new chapter of your life. Think wisely ladies, but don’t ever be afraid to be extra, you earned the right to claim what’s now yours!