It’s one of the most anticipated events leading up to the wedding, (well…for the bride at least), and one of the most nerve wrecking events for the bridesmaids, the Bachelorette party! Where to go? What to do? What to plan? Contrary to the movies, its not as simple as getting a hot stripper dressed as a cop. Not every girl wants to spend a night with male extremities in her face. Lets face it, it’s not for all of us, and it’s best not to push what you want onto your bride, this might make it a pretty uncomfortable night. If you’re unsure of where to start or what type of event your bride would prefer for her Bachelorette party here are five different takes for a traditional / non-traditional Bachelorette party!

1. Mimosas and Massages

What girl doesn’t like to spend the day at the spa? If your bride is the type that likes to relax and keep things low-key, plan a girls day filled with pampering! Anything from manicures and pedicures to massages and lounging in a hot tub sounds nothing less than amazing! Make your bride stand out by decking her out in a veil, sash and even a personalized goblet! This way she can definitely feel like its HER day. After the day at the spa you can follow up with a few other hands on activities from a pole dancing class, to wine tasting, or paint night! As the day progresses you can usually assess how the bride would like to cap her evening, maybe you could end it at a local bar or lounge?

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2.  Boozy Brunchin’

Keep the champagne pouring, please! If you bride is the type to indulge in champagne, loves selfies, and is obsessed with  Sex and the City, a boozy brunch is the way to go! It’s the same concept as a night out in the club without the commitment to waking up with bags under your eyes. Boozy brunches are super popular now-a-days with bottomless drinks flowing, delicious entree’s and top rated DJ’s, some restaurants even have a separate room for groups who want to continue with the party after eating! You’ll most likely spend the entire afternoon at one of these places due to the atmosphere, so be sure to nightcap with something relaxing! This is the for the bride that loves to let loose with a touch of class.

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3. Dinner and Dancing

This is for the bride that wants to turn-up, to a limit. Maybe rent a limo to add a special touch for the night and avoid the hassle of driving? Take your bride out to a restaurant with some pizzazz, follow it up with a night of dancing at a local club and cap the night with a slumber party! Add a few personal touches by giving out goodie bags to all the event attendees! From bridesmaid pins to bachelorette cupcakes, and flash tattoos! This is perfect for the bride whose a foodie and loves to dance.

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4. Beach Bachelorette 

This is for the bride who has her heart set on adventure and loves to have fun in the sun! If your budget allows it, take your bride on a trip, whether it be out of state or out of the country, its bound to be nothing but memorable! Check Groupon for out of state ideas and Cheap Caribbean for out of the country deals! Fill the time with tanning, swimming and a little bubbly here and there. A great way to stay in formation is to get a set of matching swim suits or matching shirts to show the world you came here to slay!

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5. Slaycation Staycation

This is for the bride who wants to get wild and crazy!! If your bride is the turn-up queen then this is the perfect route for you. A good way to have the feel of a vacation without spending the money is to rent a local hotel with all the girls! Go ahead and decorate it to make things a bit more festive and surprise your bride. For the bride who wants to get wild and crazy, the traditional Bachelorette route can be used, get a dancer to come to your room and put on a private show, or take the girls out to the strip club! Ladies, when choosing this route, be sure to confirm with the bride that she’s okay with this. You don’t want to pull out any surprises that may cause issues, but if all goes well the night will go down in history, and as they say, what happens at the Bachelorette party, stays at the Bachelorette party!

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Whatever your choice may be, always remember one thing, HAVE FUN! These little events make the trip down the aisle even more exciting. Happy planning !