Happy Mother’s day from across the pond, I do hope you have a splendid day filled with love and laughter.

From a young age I had always celebrated Mother days with my father. He was my mother and father in one, and let me tell you, I had the best plait and shining shoes for miles.

Traditionally Mother’s day is to honour the Mother’s in our families whomever that beautiful soul may be, there has always been mothering figures in my life, usually this was my auntie, my friends mum’s and as I became older my partners mother and step mother oh and of course I celebrate as a mother myself now.

Below I have put together my favourite “mother” photographs taken from weddings and hopefully it will give you a little inspiration for you special day.

The below image was capture by the very talented Heather Renee Photography who is a Connecticut and Texas based Photographer. Heather takes a Photo-journalistic/Lifestyle approach to showcase the story of the day.

The Coordinated Bride Heather Renee Photography

Next up we have an image captured by the beautiful Paige Schicker of Trueera photography. Paige is a natural light photographer based in Florida. Shei is perfect if you are looking for a photographer that loves to capture priceless moments.

The Coordinated Bride Trueera Photography

I absolutely adore the next image taken by Kerry Jeanne Photography based in Seattle. Kerry has had a natural flair of taking images from a very young age and offers both digital and Film. In Kerry’s words, film allows her to create a mood and a moment that looks and feels like poetry in motion.

The Coordinated Bride Kerry Jeanne Photography

In the below image the Mother is the bride and the daughter is buttoning the dress up…. Just perfect. Taken by the Erica Burton of Efab Photography who have a trio team from Mount Vernon in Illinois.

The Coordinated Bride Efab Photography

How lovely is the below image, capturing the still moment between mother and son, you can feel the love, happiness and warmth just radiate out of the image. If you’re looking for photos that create an ideal balance between authenticity and creativity then look no further than Tim Gallivan Photography which is a partnership between Tim and the love of his life Caitlin. The duo are based in Bend.

The Coordinated Bride Tim Gallivan Photography

Sarah of Sarah Hanby Photography is on a mission to insure that each client is happier than the last. Sarah has truly captured the essence of how proud the mother of the bride feels on her daughter’s wedding day.

The Coordinated Bride Sarah Hanby Photography

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking a glimpse into the wedding days that surrounded these images, I am now off to work with a spring in my step.

Much Love

Melissa Parson

Article written by Melissa Parsons for The Coordinated Bride