OneTouch Events is an event planning and design firm based in Atlanta, GA.  I had the pleasure of meeting Principle & Owner, Jillian Smith last year and I immediately knew that she and I would remain in contact with each other.

Today I would love to officially welcome OneTouch Events to our Catalogue of Certified Coordinated Vendors!  We sat down with Jillian and would love for you to join our Coordinated Conversation so you can get to know her.

pUVrP2dLslCETI_elHubCHysZfO2uQGEtAQckOznpDoHow did you get started in the wedding planning business?  I enjoy entertaining! Always have ever since my holiday parties at my parents’ house in high school. After planning and hosting an array of events, from specialty themed parties and intimate group functions to collaborating on planning major corporate events, I decided to take the leap and provide my personal touch to special occasions outside of my immediate circle. I put my all into every event with the goal of leaving no stone or centerpiece unturned!

What vision do you have for OneTouch Events in the next 3-5 years?  I keep my goals very specific and tangible, so I can say within the next couple of years, I would have successfully expanded OneTouch Events to targeted regions within the East Coast/Southeast.

Name a current wedding trend that you can’t get enough of and one that you wish would disappear.  Can’t get enough of: Beautifully designed wedding cakes (yes guests eat the cake!), textured linens and varying centerpiece designs. Wish would disappear: Chair Covers & Sashes, and any use of burlap & lace. Just let it go!

What are your thoughts on the DIY bride?   The stress of DIYing a wedding is real! I’ve seen it first hand. I find DIY brides vary across the spectrum; those that are highly creative and can produce unique designs and those that want to add so many personal elements that they burn out with from the sheer number of projects they’ve created for themselves. Time is just as expensive as having someone to create your design, so not much money is saved but sanity is certainly spent! I would strongly suggest evaluating 1-2 unique DIY items and leave the rest to the skilled vendor team to produce.

Is social media a gift or a curse?   I’m torn. Social media can be used as a great guide for Couples as they research trends and vendors, but should not be the only vehicle for planning their wedding.  Couples should also plan a wedding that best represents the two of them and not to compete, compare or worse, copy what others have done for “their” wedding day.

What’s your favorite place to go when you’re not planning?  I love to people watch. On a mild day, sitting on a patio, drinking a frosty beverage with friends chatting is one of my favorite past times. If I’m fortunate enough to catch a flight, I like sand in between my toes and ocean waves as my soundtrack.

Can you give us 3 fun facts about yourself?  I am a holiday baby, born on Christmas and no, I did not get gipped on presents.  I could eat cereal and pizza every day and be totally content. But the way the love of my health is setup, I settle for all things green and lean.  I am a closeted introvert. Being in a highly social industry pulls me out of my shell and I do thrive on my ability to establish rapport and form great relationships.

Which would best describe your clientele and why? Platinum Weddings, Bridezilla, or Four Weddings?  My current clientele would be closer to Four Weddings. At any given wedding season, we could produce an outdoor wedding at a private estate, a luxury ballroom wedding, create an intimate family feel at a historic venue and rock out a medieval inspired reception in a campus dining hall.   We LOVE variety!

Who are some of the people that have had a major influence on where you are today? (Industry or Personal Relationships)  My parents have always been big supporters of anything that I do. Although I was nervous about telling my daddy “So, you know that really great, somewhat stable job I have? Yea, I resigned to go full time with OneTouch Events.” It was a non-event to him and he fully supported me!

If I start to name names, I’m sure I’ll leave someone off but I have some of the most amazing friends and fellow wedding vendors turned friends that have been super supportive by lending their experience, their networks, and even their hands to help as I started and continued to grow my business.

What is the best part of your job?  The relationships! From the very first meeting with a new Client, I love to hear the love story, what they envision for their wedding day and I “go hard” as one of my bride’s has said, to make sure their day is one of the most joyous, memorable occasions of their lives. At the end of the night, when we get the “we did it” hug, I know we accomplished just that!

Be sure to check out the OneTouch Events profile in our Vendor Catalogue, especially if you are in the Georgia area and looking for a wedding planner! 

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